February 2020

Judyth Sult’s

February 2020 Empowerment


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Notes from J

Welcome to February!

February is a great time to share the best part of yourself with those you love, and to love yourself deeply and sincerely.

Every four years we get an extra day in February because in 45 BC Julius Caesar decided to balance out the inconsistencies in the calendar by adding a day. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar because Caesar’s calculations needed further adjustment. Many people feel that having an “extra” day is like receiving a gift, so make it a ritual to give a gift of time to yourself or visit someone you haven’t seen in a while.

As promised last month, I’m starting the journey through the chakras. It’s a good practice to periodically feel your energy and clear out what may be blocking a nice energetic flow.

I’ve included the formula to calculate your personal month so that you can work with the energy that surrounds you.

Have a wonderful month,


    Coaching Corner

Root Chakra

Last month I introduced an overview of the chakras which you can read here.

Why learn about chakras? When any of these energy centers are blocked we become out of balance physically, mentally or emotionally which can manifest as anxiety, illness or trauma. It’s important to recognize when you are out of balance and learn methods to clear the energy.

The first chakra is the ROOT of your energy field so it’s important to keep it clear in order to have a healthy energy flow to the other chakras. The energy center associated with the root chakra is located at the base of your spine, resonates to the color red and is associated with issues of survival, basic security, and connection to earth. This chakra is associated with your earliest time on earth and affects your sense of belonging and how safe you feel in the world.

When the root chakra is balanced we feel safe, grounded, and confident. When our first chakra is out of balance we feel insecure, fearful, and vulnerable.

Symptoms of an out of balance root chakra:

You survival needs, such as money or food are constantly challenged in a way you can’t seem to control.

You usually feel insecure in the world and you are afraid to speak your mind in your work or relationships.

You feel fearful in the world because you have a weak support network and insufficient resources.

Chakra Healing continued below

Sky Notes

Full Moon, Feb 9 in Leo – Pay attention to this full moon to feel the strong vibration of confidence as you become more aligned with where you are on your journey. Bring closure to what has held you back in the past and embrace what supports you in moving forward.

Mercury is retrograde February 17 to March 10 – Move more slowly, speak more carefully, be patient with delays and misunderstandings.

New Moon, Feb 23 in Pisces – Set your intentions with a great deal of care, since Mercury is retrograde. Find yourself on your map of destiny. Call out your intentions and release that which no longer serves you.

Leap Day, February 29 – In 2020 leap year will be especially auspicious because of the energy of 2. February (second month), 29=11 and reduces to 2, and 2020 the year. Added together these 2s add up to 8, which is a powerful number to enhance your resources. Go after that contract, ask for a raise, or submit a proposal!


Calculate Your Personal Month

Numerologically, the 2 energy will bring up issues around teamwork, collaboration, and alliances as a universal theme. This means that everyone will be dealing with that energy on a very subtle level. To figure out your personal month add

the number of the current month to your personal year (click here to calculate your personal year.)

For example, a person with a birthday of September 18 would have a personal year of 4 (9+9+4=22 and reduces to 4). Now you add the personal year, 4 to the current month, 2 and you get 6. This personal month suggests that the energy for this person is going to be around home, family and responsibility. The individual may find more time is needed for home maintenance or that it’s a good time to pay close attention to the relationships within the home.

Calculate your personal month and look at the meaning below.

Your day of birth ____+Your month of birth ____+ 2020(current year) +2(current month) = ____

1 – The 1 influence is new beginnings, leadership and initiative.

2 – The 2 influence is harmony, partnership and cooperation.

3 – The 3 influence is expansiveness, adventure and joy.

4 – The 4 influence is limits, order, and service.

5 – The 5 influence is change, enthusiasm, and adaptability.

6 – The 6 influence is home, family and responsibility.

7 – The 7 influence is analysis, understanding and logic.

8 – The 8 influence is power, money and confidence.

9 – The 9 influence is completion, idealism, humanitarianism.

Tarot of Empowerment

February is represented in Tarot by the High Priestess.

You have the knowing

Call on your intuition

Meditate on the true law of the Universe

As you sit on the seat of wisdom

Learn more about the High Priestess here

Chakra Healing continued from above

HEALING: Grounding yourself is essential for healing the first chakra. If weather permits sit on the ground, hug a tree, dig in a garden or play in the sand. Literally plant yourself on the earth. If that’s not possible at least sit on the floor, pay special attention to house plants, or cook something delicious.

You want vital energy from this chakra to feed the other chakras. Make yourself vital by moving the lower half of your body. Each foot fall connects you to the earth in a different way than sitting on the earth.

Review your core beliefs about the security you deserve. For example, you want a good job, but a little internal voice says that you will always be prevented from acquiring the good job. Listen to your self-talk about your place in the world, not the voice that says what you want to manifest, but your ingrained belief about your place in the world. The ingrained belief will attract more attention than what you are trying to create.

Write down the ingrained negative beliefs you hear in your head. Then create a new, positive message that reinforces the positive belief you want to establish in your life. When the old message sneaks in reframe a new message that supports you.

Insecurity is an ongoing challenge that needs special nurturing on a daily basis. Find people who support you and your goals. Every day make a list of what you did RIGHT and honor yourself for being good. This activity can take months or even years until you feel safe and secure as it attracts people and situations that you will trust.

There are many tools available for assist in healing your first chakra including red stones, jewelry, meditations, music, essential oils and so much more. However, until you decide to do the work to reframe the internal messages, the tools will not help.

Be intentional!

I am available to support you as an Empowerment Coach through this process.Contact me in confidence at JudythSult@gmail.com.

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