February 2018

Judyth Sult’s February 2018 Empowerment Newsletter


Notes from J

February is the month of celebrating the return of the light. It’s a welcome tradition in the midst of grey skies and cold rain. The traditional celebration is with fire, either through ritual or a bonfire. Be aware, it is also a month that enhances fertility so be mindful of what you want to bring into the world.

I am a member of a spirit group of women from a variety of world religions. We recently had a discussion about the principal of loving others as one loves themselves. What kind of love do you project and attract if we don’t love ourselves? Below is a ritual to remind your self that you are worthy of love.

Be kind to yourself, believe you are worthy and you will become empowered to attract what you want to manifest in your life.



PS: Please note that I’ll be at the Mystical Winds Everett show February 17. You may reserve a morning time before the show. I will wait 5 minutes after the hour before giving your space away.

Love Ritual

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are partnered or alone, I urge you to set aside some time to become aware of, and acknowledge, the love you have in your life.

First, start with yourself. Note the attributes you really appreciate about yourself. For at least this moment, acknowledge your strengths and hear what others have said they appreciate about you. Make a list. Now, make an appointment, even if it’s just with yourself, for indulging in special time for self care.

Next, make notes of the people in your life who you love and of those who love you. The two lists may not be the same. Make a note about what it is you love about each person. As an act of love towards them send them a card or get together with them personally to let them know what you love about them.

Celebrate the love that you are able to receive and the love that you are able to give others. Know that love opens your heart chakra and when your heart chakra is open you are empowered to manifest almost anything you want in your life. But first, you must acknowledge and accept you are already loved.

The second month Energy

In Numerology, the number 2 represents the energy to embrace harmony, balance and cooperation. It’s an excellent energy for building on the new beginnings from the 1 of January. This month is a good time to reflect on what you want to contribute to, and want from, your relationships of every sort. The 2 energy can feel deep emotions and intensified intuition. You are empowered by the 2 by feeling worthy of positive relationships and understanding and enforcing your own boundaries.

Empowerment cards that resonate with the number 2 are:

The High Priestess You are empowered as the High Priestess when you sit and listen to the internal wisdom, while listening and trusting your inner voice.

Justice You are empowered by Justice when you make fair decisions based on the rules, no matter the emotions or relationships involved.

Awakening You are empowered to discard the old models and celebrate yourself as you move to the next stage in your life and ascend past the old and outdated self.

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Feb 17: MYSTICAL WINDS Edward D. Hanson

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Everett, WA

Feb 2: Imbolc, the celebration of the goddess Brigid.
Feb 14: Valentine’s Day
Feb 14: Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent
Feb 15: New Moon
Feb 28: Purim (Jewish)
March 2: Full Moon

Card for the our World in February

the card for the world is actually the World (R) card.

The reversed World card indicates that a journey the whole world is on is almost, but not yet, complete.

It is a time for each of us to integrate what is in the highest and best good for the planet and to take actions to implement those intentions.

Ask your guides what more you need to know about this quest. Click here to pull a card for what will personally empower you to personally achieve this quest.

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