February 2017


Judyth Sult’s February 2017 Empowerment Newsletter

Notes from J

Do you see more light in the sky? The re-awakening of the earth is beginning to happen. Welcome to February.

Your Greatest Love – Yourself
Who is your greatest love? Well, there is one person who was
present when you came to this earth and will be there when you leave, and that person is you. You are worthy of the love for yourself in order to be loving to others. Treat yourself as your own best friend. Try the exercise below to acknowledge love for yourself.

During the month of February write one thing you like/love about yourself every day. Do something special for yourself; get an energy healing; go to a spa; buy yourself some flowers; release old grief or issues. Just do something for yourself that says, “I am worthy of love.” Accept that you are amazing!

Blessing and peace,

Tarot Reading for February

Here is a general February reading I did for you

What is the Theme of the month? The Choice (Lovers) card suggests you review what has your attention, decide where you want to make changes in that area of your life, and where you want things to remain the same. Then decide if it is in your highest good to do things as you have in the past, or to do them in a new way. Explore how to best make the changes you desire. Acknowledge and honor what you want to remain the same.

What to do for yourself regarding the Choice card? Life Cycles indicates that it is time to release old grief or feelings that are holding you back in some way. You can do this release ritual to disengage from the old. Use this ritual, or one of your choosing, to let go of baggage that keeps you from being the best person you can be. The baggage could be the grief of losing someone you love, or messages you received as a child, or old experiences that you are afraid to repeat. Whatever the baggage is, get rid of it to move forward.

What to do for your family [family can include close friendships]? The Determination (Chariot) card suggests that you set new goals based on your growth and new values after doing the personal release ritual. Determination foretells of rapid change once you determine the new direction and set your goals.

What to do for your community? The  Introspection(Hermit) card implies the need to follow your heart to do what you know is right for you, even if you have to walk the path alone. By honoring yourself and acting from the highest good for all, you are doing well for your community.

What more do the Angels and Guides want you to know? Quester (Fool) reversed, suggests that this is a time to explore your own life, values, joys and sorrows. Go through the portal of the soul as you explore and act upon the cards above.

February Moon Phases
Full Moon, February 10
New Moon, February 26

A Tarot of Empowerment card is waiting for you every day at TarotofEmpowerment.com.

Just ask the universe, “What card energy shall I be mindful of today?” Over the course of the day pay attention to how that energy manifests for you.

If the same card comes up on repeated days it means that the lesson is still being learned or that the energy is still what you need to draw upon.

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Empowerment Coaching for Inspiration, Intention, Attention

I’ve been asked about what my coaching or mentoring program entails. One purpose of having a spiritual/life coach is to have someone on your side in making transitions.

My intention is to empower you so that you become inspired to change something in your life to bring more joy and a sense of completion. And you have someone to whom you are accountable that helps you stay on track with changes YOU want to make.

Together, we look at what you want to accomplish and develop steps with strategies for how to get there.

We begin by looking at what excites you and discuss your long term goals.

You are guided to set positive intentions that may force you out of your comfort zone. We discuss what changes you want to make in your life and what you want to call into your life.

Once you are clear about your intentions, we come up with language that is uplifting and leads to constructive action. You write out your intentions, then we discuss strategies to work towards achieving them.

Next, you check in with me to report your progress and to identify bumps you may have encountered. At that stage we may fine-tune your strategies to meet your new needs.

In this process you learn to pay attention to how you are spending your time, who might be draining your energy, and identify the challenges that get in the way of meeting your goals. You are also paying attention to where you have resistance to change.

We continue meeting until you have met your goals or you feel you are sufficiently on the path to journey with occasional check ins. My goal is to help empower you to reach your intentional goals.

I only accept a limited number of coaching clients at any time. As of now, I have 2 spaces. We meet one-on-one for a minimum of 3 months. You can contact me for more details at

JudythSult@gmail or

(360) 305-1491

Setting a wedding date?

Call Judyth to create an original ceremony that reflects your values and beliefs.

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