February 2015

Judyth Sult’s February 2015 Newsletter

Notes from J

My energy right now is focused on getting the Tarot of Empowerment, Major Arcana Limited Edition Collector Set ready for you.  We are only creating 250 collector sets. Each one will be numbered and signed by Gordana and me. When we create the full deck there will be differences in the cards. This Major Arcana deck is a one of a kind.

I couldn’t resist using our new cards to do my own reading for the month of February (see photo above). My question was, “What do I need to know about completing the Tarot of Empowerment Major Arcana project?”

Card 1, My gift, is Advisor (R), which means I am the expert about writing the content of the book and my part in interpreting the Tarot of Empowerment project. 

Card 2, My challenge is Authority, which connotes a need to follow the rules and the timeline for the project in order to be complete by our deadline at the end of the month.

Card 3, What’s hidden is Chaos, indicating some unexpected upheaval, with moments of enlightenment, which is likely to take place before the project is complete. (Yikes!)

Card 4, My best course of action to reach my highest potential is Sustenance, a reminder to sustain myself, my community and those in my influence in order to have the strength to complete the project.


So, it’s back to work in order to meet those goals imposed by Authority and prepare for Chaos to come.

We are also preparing for the NW Tarot Symposium where we are gold sponsors and have a booth March 6 through 8. Stop by and see us. Monarch Hotel & Conference Center, 12566 SE 93rd Ave, Clackamas, OR.

Blessings and hugs,


PS: You can now order and pay for your deck by going to TarotofEmpowerment.com.

Tarot of Empowerment, A Guide to the Major Arcana, Limited Collector Edition Set

Set includes 23 Major Arcana, book, signed and numbered collector card, pouch, and reading cloth Empowerment Treasure box.

Orders paid for by March 8 will be available at $100 rather than the regular price of $150. Sets will be available at the NW Tarot Symposium March 6 to 8.

Order today by clicking here or going to TarotofEmpowerment.com

Tarot of Empowerment Radio Archives

Listen to the archive show here of author and reader, Stephanie Arwen Lynch who is all about helping you find your joy. She shares her many tools at tarotbyarwen.com.

Karen Crane, Woman of Wisdom, teacher and magical jewelry maker was my guest last month. Listen to the archived program here.

Additional archive interviews can be found at EmpowerYouRadio.com

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Double Up! TV and Radio

February 11, 4pm,l will be a guest on the EmpowerYou TV network with Janet Hickox on Conscious Consumer Network (CCN).

The program can be streamed live, or watched later. My TV program on this station begins March 9!

February 11, 6pm

Heather Mendel, will be my guest to discuss Predicting with Tarot, Tarot of Empowerment Radio

February 25, 6pm

My guest will be Jadzia DeForest of NW Tarot Symposium and Devera Publishing, Tarot of Empowerment Radio.

Call during the show for readings

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