February 2014


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Judyth Sult’s February Newsletter

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                                          Notes from J

I’ve just been through one of the least empowering experiences at the very time I’ve been thinking and trying to write about empowerment.

What was the demon? I had to buy a new computer with the Windows 8 operating system. Not only have I had to learn a new way of finding and launching programs, but some of my own software is old enough that the new system can’t read it. In the process of changing this and that I lost a lot of my email, most of my contacts and generally felt a total loss of control and empowerment. Hence, a late newsletter.

Finally, I did get my power back by following my own advice about how to become empowered:

  • access information (I connected with a Windows 8 pro)
  • make choices
  • assert changes
  • make it all happen

On another note, Lauren and I are airing our radio program the 2nd Wednesday of the month, which is February 12 this month. Listen by clicking here. The focus of the program is about how to become emowered through Tarot readings as a reader or as someone requesting a reading. We will discuss how to ask empowering questions.

I look forward to answering questions from you and will move you up in the que if you tell me in advance you want an on-air reading during our live show.

Hugs and blessings to you all,


PS: The winner for this month’s reading is Heather from Heather’s Textiles!

Header Image:  Whatcom Falls Park in February

Tarot and Empowerment

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the earliest use of the term empowerment was used in 1648 as a legal term to bestow power and authority to a person, government or institution. In other words, the power was given to another. 

An issue that sometimes arises with the word “empowerment” is that it contains the word “power”. Power often implies domination and control in a relationship of any kind, or in the social or political arena. In such relationships it’s difficult to take control and create change.  When one is empowered, she holds the ability to take control over her own life and make decisions that can change her life.

In recent times the term empowerment has been so overused that it’s become almost a cliché and has lost meaning for a lot of people. Businesses, political and social organizations often make false promises about how employees or community members can become empowered to make their own decisions, only to snatch the power away with rules and hierarchical decision-making.

The Journal of Extension from Connecticut University People Empowering People defines empowerment as a multi-dimensional social process that helps people gain control over their own lives. It is a process that fosters power in people for use in their own lives, their communities and in their society, by acting on issues they define as important.

An article about empowerment by Judi Chamberlin of the National Empowerment Center identified the key elements of empowerment including access to information, ability to make choices, the ability to assert changes and the self-esteem, or self-worth to make it all happen.

How does Tarot relate to empowerment? The cards are a tool to help access information and new perspectives. Information from the cards reveal choices that are open to you and can identify the consequences of making those choices. A reading can reveal the energy you call to yourself according to the choices you make. The information and lessons from the cards can also help the querent work towards self-worth as she becomes accustomed to embracing her own power.

The cards themselves do not empower an individual, rather, it’s the willingness to explore the options, assess the information and take action.

Make sure that when you ask a question for the cards that you frame the question in a way that leads to empowerment. I like to ask questions that include a card for a best course of action, how to do the best course of action and what is most likely to get in the way of completing the best course of action.

If you asked a question and the Justice card came up in the spread in the place of the best course of action, it would indicate that you would be best served by looking at all aspects of the question and consider the consequences. Justice suggests using both your rational and intuitive abilities when considering the action.

If the Hanged One came up in the reading as the best course of action you would do well to get a different perspective about the issue.

Next month we’ll discuss how to frame a question for aTarot reading.

Aces from Tarot of Empowerment



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New Cards from

Tarot of Empowerment

The Justice card is about fairness, balance and harmony. In Tarot of Empowerment Justice encompasses the yin yang concept indicating that opposite or opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent.  The color and black and white figures indicate the many hues of truth and Justice.

Justice represents a time to consider the consequences of decisions and actions you are considering. The 11 represents the potential of spiritual enlightenment and reduces to 2 which is balance and harmony. When this card comes up it suggests that you, or another, will make a decision to balance the scales fairly and without prejudice.

The Hanged One suspends action as he getd a new perspective on life. He is free to step down whenever he is ready. In the Tarot of Empowerment deck he is looking at the world in a new way in order to achieve divine enlightenment. Once the Hanged One has a new perspective he will go through initiation to a higher level of wisdom and understanding. The number 12 is reduced to 3 which is expansiveness (his enlightenment) and illumination.

Interpretation of Aces

Ace of Water: When the Ace of Water comes up it is a promise of new relationships, increased intution, or a fresh emotion around the question.

Ace of Air: The Ace of Air represents the mind, communication and ideas. This card indicates the birth of a new idea and the ability to communicate about that idea.

Ace of Earth: The Ace of Earth represents positive financial or material well-being. It can indicate a new job or other positive outcome.

Ace of Fire: The Ace of Fire promises new passion, creativity and identity. In a reading the Ace of Fire indicates a very creative time is on the horizon.

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