December 2021 is an 8 month

December is an 8 month (12+2021=2033 and reduces to 8)

8 Universal Month

Business success, material well being

Gift of inner strength and capable creators.

The 8 energy follows the 7 of November, which was about clarifying hopes and desires and stating future goals. The 8 energy is about manifesting those goals. Eight awakens belief that those dreams can come true. If we can dream it, we can manifest it.

Articulate your values so that you can be anchored to them. If your values and dreams contradict each other, you won’t be able to manifest them. For example, if you believe that rich people are evil, you would have a difficult time attracting money, if that were your desire.

Think about what you want to call into your life and then explore your beliefs to determine if they really support this action. Until you do this exercise, you may not even be aware of the relationship between what you believe and what you want to manifest. Another example is that if you want to call in a love relationship, but you don’t feel that you are lovable, you are unlikely to attract a long-term relationship.

Write down what you want to manifest.

Write down the values you have that support what you want to manifest.

If your values don’t support what you want to manifest, explore where those values came from and determine if they are still relevant. Adjust how you express your new values, and write them down to reinforce them.

Now, call on your angels and guides to help you manifest your desires. Ignore anything that detracts from what you want to manifest.

Stay conscious of, and true to, your values.