December 2013

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Judyth Sult’s December Newsletter

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Hi Friends,

This is the time of year when you have a chance to see what your personal year number will be in 2014. In this year’s explanation of numerology, I included the interpretation of how your age influences your personal year. Take a look at your numbers for 2013 to see how and where the energies affected your life this last year, then look at the changes you can expect in 2014.

I’ll be starting my own radio program, Empower Yourself through Tarot, on January 9 at 5pm PST. I’ll be doing free readings and interviews and teaching how to read the cards. The program is on the internet and will be available later in the archives. The Radio network is EmpowerYOU Radio on Blogtalk radio: You can like us on Facebook. Janet Hickox will be hosting her radio program, Living Astrology, on EmpowerYOU at 4.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving visiting our son Evan and his life partner, Paige, in St. Louis. I had an opportunity to read at the Fortune Teller Bar on Cherokee Street which was established around the 1930’s and was rediscovered a few years ago when the building façade was removed. The new owners are respectful of the past and make the present a fun time for all. It’s a bit of magic to read in a place that has such old energy and I had a wonderful time. Be sure to stop by if you find yourself in St. Louis.

Hugs and blessings to you all,

PS: The winner for this month’s reading is Tom Anderson!

Header Image: The Fortune Teller Bar on Cherokee St. in St. Louis, MO.

How Will Your Personal Year

Affect You in 2014?

Every January the theme of your energy changes according to the vibration of the numbers for that year. The number of the universal year, such as 2014, is determined by adding all of the digits in the year: 2+0+1+4=7. The energy for a 7 year is about contemplation, evaluating and understanding. This is generally a year of analysis rather than action.

Your individual Personal year is calculated by adding your birth day and month to the universal year. The numbers are reduced to a single digit and added up. For example, a September 23 birthday would look like this:



21=3 is the personal year for this birthday.

The numerology explanations below are followed by the Tarot cards that resonate for each energy.

1 – People in a 1 personal year are planting the seeds for the next 9 year cycle. This is a year with many new opportunities and activities. The 1 energy is likely to be a year of leadership and initiative.

Sun (19), Wheel of Fortune (10), Magician (1)

2- People in a 2 personal year are open to new relationships and opportunities that embrace harmony, balance and cooperation. During a 2 year when a person is out of balance, or in a disagreeable relationship, the person may become depressed because they are not able to act on the 2 energy. The 2 year is an excellent year to build on the new beginnings from the 1 year.

Judgment (20), Justice or Strength (11), High Priestess (2).

3 – People in a 3 personal year feel expansive and open to new adventures. This is very much “play time” as people in the 3 energy explore the meaning of joy in their lives. Three energy is very creative, especially in art and writing. It’s important to distinguish between creativity and frivolousness.

World (21), Hanged One (12), Empress (3)

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How Age Influences  Your Personal Year

Your personal year goes from January to December no matter when your birthday. Lisa’s birthday is April 8, so in 2014 her personal year is (4+8+2+0+1+4=19=1) indicating the beginning of a new nine-year cycle.

Whatever she starts in a 1 year will have an effect for the next nine years. In 2014 Lisa is likely to start new ventures, become more independent, show leadership and learn new skills. This is an excellent year for her to clarify her goals and lay a foundation for years to come.

I’ve discovered that your age determines where you are likely to focus your personal year energy. Lisa is 34 years old, so by reducing the number in her age to a single digit (3+4=7), she realizes that 7 is the age energy that will influence her 1 personal year.

If she were a different age, say 23, the age year would have a different influence (2+3=5) in her 1 personal year.

As stated above, the personal year goes from January to December, but

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