December 2012

Judyth Sult’s December Newsletter

Notes from J

We’re reminded about transitions and transformations as the Mayan calendar ends, we celebrate winter solstice, and our traditional calendar year flips to 2013.

Even if you don’t read Tarot, I think you’ll find the layout below useful for thinking changes that are coming up for you and how to move through the energy. It’s time to release the old and and call in the new energy.

In the western world this is the time of year we give and receive. Remember to do so with grace and gratitude, for yourself, as well as for others. Give yourself a break and love yourself. You are exactly who you need to be and you have the power to be more of who you want to become.

This month’s winner for a free reading is Robert Wilson.

Blessings and Peace,

Rev. Judyth

Tarot LessonsTransitions and transformation
Click here for an easy to read image of this Tarot layout I created as we transition through the end of the Mayan Calendar, or just shifting to 2013. If you need help, my very brief interpretation of theTarot cards can be linked here.

During a time of transition and transformation it’s important to make room for the new by releasing old energy.  The old energy takes up the emotional and creative space the new energy wants to create. Without releasing the old, your tendency will be continue old patterns and attitudes.

Your Numerology for 2013

Numerology has many different levels but I want to show you a quick and fun way to get a sample of numerology by looking at your upcoming personal year.

The personal year goes from January to December, no matter when your birthday occurs. It’s easy to  figure out the personal year for family and friends (you can test the accuracy by figuring your 2012 person year to determine if  the number matches what had your attention this year).

Your personal year is determined by adding the month and day of your birth to the current year, adding all of the numbers and then reducing

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Are the holidays the time to come out to my family?


Dear Judyth,

I’ve recently moved to the West Coast and am in a fairly new and seemingly promising gay relationship. My conservative family is coming from the mid-West for the holidays and I don’t know what to do because I haven’t come out to them. I don’t want to ignore and hide my friend while my family is here, and I don’t want to ruin the holidays with my family. What do I do?

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Is 2013 YOUR time for change?

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