Business Consulting


The choice to follow my spiritual path has often seemed to be in conflict by the attraction of business. I had several successful businesses and some with significant challenges. As a business coach I bring to you all of my experience along with my intuitive tools as well as the mind set to translate the information into business solution gear toward your business.

“The attitude of my staff has changed for the positive. We all seem to be on the same page and production and sales have increased. Thank you! ” JR

The basis of my success has been the 4Vs. When your business is in alignment with these principals you will be successful. I recommend businesses include as many people as possible in this process. Every business success is based on the employees belief in the company – and that translates to the vision of the company. The successful business translates their vision by the words they use in inter-office communications as well as advertisements to the outside world. The words and visions make up the company standards.

The 4V’s are:

  1. Vision – Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 20 years?
  2. Values – Do the management team share the same values and are the employees aware of those values?
  3. Verbals – What words do you speak in the course of every day business that supports your vision and values in everyday work conversations?
  4. Visuals – What are you doing visually to share your vision and values with your staff and customers?