August 2020

Judyth Sult’s August

Empowerment Newsletter

Part 1

Wear a mask, wash your hands,

stay 6 feet apart


Notes from J

I hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well. I took last month off from writing and took time for self healing. I hope that you are taking the time to love and heal yourself during these challenging time. Please give me a call or drop me an email if I can support you with a friendly conversation.

I believe that 90% of magic is setting your intention, taking action, and paying attention. I also believe that rituals give us the impetus to create positive change. I’ve included a ritual for forgiveness below because forgiveness can be what gets in the way of creating positive change in our lives.

The signs for the full and new moon encourage you to create change, as does the numerology for the universal month of 3, indicating perfect timing for manifesting the change you want in your life.

Part 2 of the August newsletter will come out in the middle of the month and include working with your Crown Chakra and a new Tarot layout.

Thank you for being a part of my community,


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Shower Forgiveness Ritual

             Coaching Corner

Many of you have used my forgiveness bath ritual. I’ve been asked, what if I just have a shower? So here is a ritual if you only have a shower.

First, let me explain that the magical outcome of any ritual is determined by your intention. When your intention is to forgive someone the ritual is “set up for forgiveness.” Your actions reinforce your intention to forgive

I’ll give an abbreviated review of the bath ritual. For a full description of the bath forgiveness ritual click here.

The purpose of this ritual is to release the energy that is getting in the way for you moving forward with joy in your life. You are forgiving in order to disconnect from the anger, abuse or hurt that has been imposed on you.

The intention of forgiveness is for you to get closure from the energy that goes to maintaining your feelings of hurt or anger. You may need to repeatedly forgive before the closure is permanent.

Be sure you can complete this exercise without interruption. Allow time for the ritual and a nap afterwards

Call on your angels and guides to be with you during this exercise with the intention of opening your heart and mind to their healing powers

Use only the light of a candle during your ritual.You’ll need a tool that simulates cutting attachments like a butter knife or dull, flat rock.

Sit at the bottom of the shower, turn on the water to a comfortable heat and follow the instructions below:

Start at your feet or head and gently move the tool over your body, repeating the mantra, “I forgive and release.”

Continue over your entire body, going between your fingers and toes, while repeating your mantra. As you do this you are likely to get flashes of scenes in which you have been wronged, or other scenes in which you have wronged others. You will most likely see things long forgotten. Let the pictures pass like a slide show, without stopping to review or analyze. As each scene comes up forgive and release or surrender.

At this point in the exercise disconnect all attachments, even of those you love. Imagine the tool gently cutting and removing your attachments to others, living or dead, loved or disliked. Later in the ritual you will allow reattachments. Continue to use the cutting tool and repeat the mantra until you feel the exercise is complete and that you are not holding anything back.

Stay in the shower and empty the stall. You don’t want to track the psychic gunk from the shower into your house. Let that entire gunk go down the drain. Now, stand up, shower again, shampoo and scrub yourself clean from head to toe.

While still in the shower tell your angels and guides to allow the energy from only those who love and support you to reattach. Say something along the lines of, “Let those who love and support me attach to my being.” Feel the love and support pour over you.

Now, you can leave the shower. You will probably want a rest or nap so snuggle into someplace comfortable and cozy. Thank your angels and guides and allow yourself to feel, and possibly dream, their love.

When you are done resting you can journal about your experience. Know you are loved.

What is your card for the day? Click Here

My card for the day is the Moon card

Embrace the power and mystery of the night

Listen to the secrets of the constellations

Observe the subtle tides of your emotions

Reveal that which is hidden

The Moon empowers when we call upon our intuition to help distinguish between illusion and reality and all is revealed.

Full and New Moon

August 3, Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius, a water sign, represents what are sometimes referred to as feminine characteristics. There is a desire for friendship and an appreciation of the community where we live, work and play. The Full Moon in Aquarius sheds light on our relationships with others, and how we can each give back to those who love and support us. During this Full Moon reach out with an open mind and the desire to understand others.

August 18, New Moon in Leo

The New Moon is when you state your intentions, a time to look to what you want to call into your future and Leo is a bold fire sign. It’s time to burn up old patterns because change requires that you let something go in order to call something new into your life. Look into your heart to see what you truly want and then implement the magic to call it in!

This New Moon aligns perfectly with the numerology of 3 which is the universal number for August 2020 (see numerology article).

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The August universal month number is 3. The calculation is the current year plus the number of the month reduced to a single digit. Current year 2020=4, plus August =8. 4+8=12 then reduced to 3.

The energy of a three month is about speaking up for yourself to get what you want in life. It’s important to take an honest look at your life to see what you want to call into your life. Maybe it’s a new job, a relationship, or a new place to live.

To find your personal month number you must know your personal year, which is your month of birth+day of birth+ current year. For example, a September 23 birthday is 9 (month)+5 (day)+4 (2020)=18 and reduces to 9.

Once you know your personal year you just add the number of the month. So in the above example you would add the number 8 for August, to 9, which is the personal year (8+9=17 reduces to 8).

1 – The 1 energy of new beginnings, leadership and initiative.

2 – The 2 energy of harmony, partnership and cooperation.

3 – The 3 energy of expansiveness, adventure and joy.

4 – The 4 energy of limits, order, and service.

5 – The 5 energy of change, enthusiasm, and adaptability.

6 – The 6 energy of home, family and responsibility.

7 – The 7 energy of analysis, understanding and logic.

8 – The 8 energy of power, money and confidence.

9 – The 9 energy of completion, idealism, humanitarianism

Look for Part 2 of the August newsletter in a few weeks, and remember to send me information about what you want to call into your life.