August 2017

Judyth Sult’s Empowerment August 2017 Newsletter

Notes from J

By now you must have heard the talk about the solar eclipse that is occurring over parts of the United States on August 21, 2017. An eclipse is the obscuring of the light of one celestial body by another. 

Each of us is a celestial body.

Is there anyone or anything obscuring your light?

Use this month to identify what shadows your light. Set your goals to remove the shadow in order for your true light to show through.  Discover what you must release to remove the shadow.

Pull a card, create a mantra, dance in the moonlight –

do something to illuminate the full you.


Strategies for an Empowering reading

I believe that asking the right kind of question has a huge impact on the usefulness and outcome of your readings. A well phrased question will guide you to decide how to lay out the cards for a more informative reading.

Good questions always focused on who is asking the question and elicit information to make the best decisions for the situation. They focus on what you can influence or change in a positive and constructive way. Yes/no questions are discouraged, instead framing them as open-ended questions.

A time frame of a year or less is useful because the choices you make after the reading will influence the future of the situation. Consider what you really want to know or understand about a situation, and then formulate your question accordingly. For example, rather than asking, “Will my finances be good in the next 4 months?”ask “What do I need to do about my finances in the next 4 months?”

For this question I would draw 6 cards to identify the following:
1. Theme – Sun. Finances look optimistic for the next 4 months.
2. Opportunity – Magician. I have the opportunity manifest the financial situation I want.
3. Challenge – Awakening.  In order to manifest the opportunity I must be willing to release an old paradigm and be open to the new.
4. Hope and Fear – Authority. I hope to make good decisions, but I fear they may not be the right decision.
5. Best course of action – Justice. All actions have consequences so my best course is to be fair and balanced about my finances.
6. How to do the best course of action – Choice. A just action is to decide what needs to change about how decisions have been made in the past. Then I will be able to manifest what I want and to release an old paradigm, knowing my actions are balanced and fair.

Be clear about what you’re asking of the Tarot cards and you will be empowered to positively impact your future.

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Moon Cycles

Full Moon – August 7

Full moon in Leo is a time to go for your passions and open your heart to love. Don’t be taken in by ego – yours or another person’s. Go after your passions with the highest intentions and celebrate who you are and who you want to become.

New Moon Solar Eclipse – August 21

A Sun conjunct Moon eclipse signals the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. To make the most of this energy, use the time leading up to the eclipse to release what is holding you back and to make firm new goals. Empower yourself to create your future. Uranus trines this eclipse indicating the possibility for courageous changes in your life. These can be huge changes so don’t expect them to happen overnight, but begin working on them during the full moon and the eclipse.

A Healing for your Inner Child

A lack of self-worth is often an obstacle to brightly shinning your light. The feeling of inadequacy usually comes from woundings received during childhood. Sometime we know of a particular incident, or sometimes the feeling of unworthiness comes from repeated negative message as we were growing up.

That wounded child within you needs to be healed by you. This is a meditation that can help you nurture and mend your child’s soul.

Sit quietly and think of the child you were. Whatever age comes to you is the correct age for this exercise. You will likely do this meditation several times and the age may always be different.

Close your eyes and imagine you are with this child. As a child, how would you have liked to have been treated? Does she need gentle encouragement, love, cuddles, or assurances? Whatever you think she needs IS what she needs. Trust your intuition.

If you remember a particular incident, play it back as you wish it had been, rather than what it was. Stay with this child as long as is comfortable. At the end of the exercise let her melt into your heart.

Blessed be.

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