August 2013

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Judyth Sult’s August Newsletter

                                 Notes from J

For years people have asked me when I’m going to publish my own deck and my unwavering response has  been that I don’t have any interest in my own deck and there are plenty out there – until now.

When I saw the artwork of Gordana Curgus, I recognized my own concept of how the Star or the Sun or Earth card ought to look. Mind you, her paintings were not done with Tarot in mind, but they certainly spoke directly to me. I read Tarot as a healing tool; therefore, all of the cards are positive and appear in perfect timing. Gordana’s paintings reflect that healing power.

We are both so excited to collaborate in partnership to bring forth a new deck. The back of the card is shown here and the Star card is shown below. The back of the card represents the seeker at the threshold to the world of Tarot.  Once the card is turned over the seeker has stepped through the door of knowledge to receive the answer from the Tarot.


“Reach for Your Star” is a new workshop I’m offering. We’ll communicate with your Guides using Tarot to discover your highest potential and how to achieve it. Contact me for more information.

This month’s winner for a free reading or consultation is Jene Yon. Congratulations!

Blessings and joy,

Rev. Judyth

The Star Card by Judyth and Gordana

The Star is about hope and optimism to reach your highest potential. When you get to the Star you have achieved a sense of calm and grace because you know you are connected to the source. Now, by opening to the divine within, you will be inspired by gentle passion as your highest good finds its fullest expression.

This is the first card we completed for our deck. The Star card, as depicted here, represents our collaboration. The eyes of both images are clear and bright as we reflect upon the highest potential for our work.

You are welcome to meet us to ask questions at the Anacortes Arts Festival, this Friday from 6pm to 9pm at Studio 1010, 1010 6th St.

Who are you listening to?

4 steps to feeling better about yourself

I had a client last week who said she had been feeling lack of worth and, although she got through that feeling, she never wanted to go through it again. We explored some techniques that might be helpful for you.

1. For 1 week, carry a small notebook all of the time and make 2 sets of notes. The first set includes negative talk to, or about yourself, such as; “I’m so stupid”; “that was a mistake”; “I can’t [fill in the blank]”. Also note if other people are being critical of you, even if they say they are joking.

On another page make note of all the positive things you hear, including your own self-talk. We tend not to listen when people are complimenting us, so pay special attention to when they do.

No matter how often a message comes up, write it down.

2. On the third day begin noting the Identity of who has sent that message now, or in the past.

3. Look at the number of times the negative and positive messages have come up. Make note of the number of times the same person has been critical of you in person or in memory.

4. Review your lists and explore who has your ear. If the same person is continually badgering you, even in jest, it’s time to change the relationship. Especially note your self talk. If it’s negative, you are completely in charge. When you find you are repeating what a parent or teacher or other authority figure told you years ago release the message by saying, “I release your hold on me and I embrace myself as a good and worthy person.”

It takes time and relentless practice, but try to turn these negatives into positive until they become a habit. Good luck and contact me if you have questions about this exercise.

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My promise to you

Every time I read for you, perform a healing, perform ceremony, council or mentor I want to help you find your highest potential and I do so by connecting to my guides and to yours (or angels or higher self if you prefer). I give my own opinions (vs. that of the guides) only when so stating. My goal is to help you become more empowered by understanding the beautiful truth of who you are and what your options are. Finally, I protect your confidentiality.

Upcoming events

This Friday: Q&A about the deck with Judyth and Gordana, Anacortes Art Festival, August 2, 6pm to 8pm.

Free Tarot readings on the radio: Janet Hickox’s Living Astrology, August 15, 4pm.

Reach for Your Star Workshop: September 27. Call for details.

Call for an individual or couples readings: (360) 305-1491 or contact me by replying to this enewsletter.

Dear Judyth,
I did a one card reading and pulled one as a clarifier. It was the third time I’d seen a specific card and the third meaning I discovered when I paired it with the clarifier. Is this normal? I feel like if I don’t have a specific, set meaning for each card my guides won’t be able to get the point across. How do you communicate with someone if each word in the language changes every time you use it? GW

Dear GW,

You have such excellent questions. When a card comes up repeatedly it’s a good time to explore all of the possibilities.

Are you keeping a journal of the card you are getting and how you interpret it IN THAT MOMENT, without looking back? I bet you will find a very consistent theme with variations. The clarifier amplifies a particular aspect of the card, or the reason you are asking the question, or the position of the card.

The important thing is that if you are getting a card repeatedly the theme of that card is up for you in your life.

Each of the clarifiers is helping to tell you how it is up for you in different areas of your life.

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Let’s work together. Give me a call to determine what will be most effective for you and your budget. We can consider a reading, mentoring, or a Reiki healing. Please give me a call at (360) 305-1491.