April 2019


Rev. Judyth Sult’s April Empowerment Newsletter

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Notes from J

 Happy April!

April is my birthday month and as such I celebrate getting a year older and contemplate what I’ve learned and what I want to bring into my life this next year. Yes, I do celebrate being an Elder. It’s not always easy, but I am so blessed to still be relatively healthy and active.

This is an especially potent birthday because it falls on Easter which represents renewal and rebirth. Christians took over the Pagan tradition that celebrates fertility and the rebirth of the earth. The symbols of the egg and bunnies represent fertility.

As a reader and coach I’ve often been referred to as a wise woman. I like to think I’ve integrated lessons that have made me wise and I realize we are each on our own journey. In my work, I share the stories and lessons I’ve gleaned and listen to my guides.

One such example is in the exercise in the Coaching Corner. It suggests that you give up the negative stories from your past and create the structure for moving forward in a new and empowered way.

Even if this is not your birthday month, the new moon on April 5 occurs in Aries, the beginning of the zodiac. You may also find you are in a 1 energy for your personal year or personal month. I show how to calculate it below.

My birthday wish is to share my gifts with you, and to laugh often, hug tightly and love truly.

Blessings and hugs,


Coaching Corner

Change Your Story

Have you let others define who you are? Many of us hold onto negative childhood experiences that keep us back from our true self. We often don’t hear, or believe, the compliments or praise from others because old stories fill so much space that we don’t allow room for new stories to develop.

When parents, siblings or others tell a young person they are not smart, pretty, or athletic the child frequently carries those stories forward into adult life. The growing child has to overcome the negative messages or becomes severed from a future of positive possibilities.

RITUAL: Listen and pay attention to the messages you give yourself in the course of the day. Do you say things like, “I’m so dumb,” or “or “I’m so fat,” or I can’t . . .” Write down your “self” messages and think about the earliest time you heard each of these messages. Whatever the circumstances at that time, and whoever you were at that time is no longer valid for who you are now.

Now, think about your close friends and relationships. Have you heard (and possibly ignored) their words of praise or support? Let the praise of others help to create a new definition of who you are, and perhaps, change your story. Now, write down every positive thing you’ve heard about yourself, even if you didn’t believe them. On 3×5 cards write each positive trait or skill separately and spread the cards around where you will see them: on the bathroom mirror, next to the computer, in your car, and in the kitchen. Any place where you will see a positive message and be reminded of who you really are.

You are who they say you are, not who you were as a small child. Own the real adult you, not the child you’ve outgrown.

You are welcome to contact me for life coaching support through your changes.

Tarot for April

April is the 4th month and in the Tarot of Empowerment deck that number coincides with Authority and Life Cycles.

Authority (traditional Emperor) has absolute responsibility for the final decisions for the community.

A thoughtful leader and decision-maker

Inclusive of others

Holding the vision for the betterment of all

Wise and brave enough to accept the consequences

A thoughtful leader and decision-maker

Inclusive of others

Holding the vision for the betterment of all

Wise and brave enough to accept the consequences

Life cycles (traditional Death) represents the journey from the beginning and the ending of the life of a project.




Call in the new

Be with the One

Go to Tarot of Empowerment for more information about Authority and Life Cycles.

Numerology for April – Personal Month calculations

In numerology the number 4 represents order and creating structure. April is a universal  4 month, meaning it is the calendar month and it is the overall influence. The 4 energy provides an opportunity to decide what you want to create in your life, and what you need to release in order to create the opportunity for bringing something new into your life.

I’ve already discussed how to calculate your personal year by adding the day and month you were born to the total of the current year (2019=3), not your birth year. The personal year goes from January to December.

To calculate your personal, month add the number of the month to the number of your personal year. My birthday is April 21 so 2019 is a 3 personal year (4+21+2019=2044. 2+0+4+4=10 reduces to 1).

To find my personal month each month, I just add 1 to the current month. (Personal year 1+current month 4=5 personal month).

The personal year indicates the kind of energy I will draw to myself from January to December. The personal month indicates the energy I will attract in the month that will compliment or challenge the personal year. Calculate your personal year and personal month and then see the energies you’ll be working with throughout the year. Think about how the energies work together as you move through the year.

1 – This is the time to start new projects, make independent decisions, and spend some alone time.

2 – People in a 2 personal month are open to new relationships and opportunities that embrace harmony, balance and cooperation.

3 – People in a 3 personal month feel expansive and open to new adventures. Three energy is playful and creative, especially in art and writing.

4 – Is a month of focus and creating a foundation for the future. It can be considered a “maze” month as the people in the 4 energy may seem to have more obstacles than usual, possibly because they want to do rather than to plan.

5 – Many new opportunities present themselves, and it’s important to be able to finish some of the many projects that will be attempted.

6 – People in this energy are focused on home and what home means: who they want in the home, where home is, what home means.

7 – People in a 7 energy are analyzing and trying to understand what their life is about. It is a time to pause, consider, reflect, evaluate and decide. Intuition is important in the 7 year.

8 – The 8 energy is about status and money. It’s often the perfect time for people to explore new employment opportunities, apply for promotions and evaluate their general financial situation.

9 – The 9 year is the end of the 9 year or month cycle that started in the 1 year or month. People may find they are cleaning out closets, relationships, and anything else that no long serve them.

Please contact me if you would like a full numerology reading, including the numerology of you name.

The New Moon April 5 is an astrological new year because the Moon is in the sign of Aries which is the first sign in the zodiac. As the beginning it represents new beginnings and fresh starts. This is the time for you to write your personal goals for the next 12 months.

 The Full Moon is April 19 in the sign of Libra. Libra is about bringing balance to your communication and friendships. Drop the drama and be fair and clear with yourself and others.