April 2017

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Notes from J

Yes, I’m going to have a Facebook “virtual birthday party” on April 21 from NOON to 1. We can briefly chat or I’ll pull a card for you.

April is the month embodied by the Greek Goddess Aphrodite and the Roman Goddess Venus. These Goddesses symbolize love and beauty, which is appropriate as the first flowers poke their blooms through the soil or flower on trees.

I pulled a card to represent the energy for where it is best for us to individually and collectively concentrate our energy. The card is CHOICE and the lesson is profound at this time in our history.

Mercury goes retrograde from April 9 to May 3. Read my suggestions for how to best get through this period. By the way, I understand that if Mercury was retrograde when you were born you may not be adversely affected by current retrogrades.

Have a splendid month and blessings to you all,


Photo in header from the 2016 Tulip festival in Skagit County.

Tips to Get Through Mercury Retrograde

The planet Mercury affects communication, including all electronics and mental processes, and travel, including schedules and traffic of all kinds. When Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky it is said to be retrograde. When in retrograde Mercury can demand extra attention to how you say what you say and how you get from point A to point B.

The good news is that a Mercury retrograde is a good time to revisit and review plans that are already in the works. Finish old projects, clean up paperwork and connect with old friends.

Mercury goes retrograde three or four times a year. The next retrograde is April 9 to May 3 so here is a guide about what to pay special attention to during this time. By the way, the influence of Mercury retrograde can be felt a few days on each side of the actual dates.

The problem with Mercury retrograde is that you can’t put your life on hold and, as careful as you might be in scheduling and communication, others will be affected so they may incorrectly record your information. Postponing some decisions can be very beneficial because new information or perspectives may come to light after Mercury goes direct. However, life goes on, so here are some strategies for dealing with this retrograde.

Scheduling of any kind can be problematic. Be sure to carefully write down appointments and meetings and check with the other party to ensure you both have the same information. Send meeting reminders and be a bit more tolerant if people miss appointments with you.

People often discourage starting a new job during the retrograde. Of course, telling your future employer that you want to wait until after a planet goes direct may be somewhat off-putting. If you are starting a new job or project take extensive notes, double check everything in the plans and try not to leave anything up to chance. Where possible leave room for possible revisions after Mercury goes direct and more information becomes available.

It’s not unusual for transportation breakdowns during this period so it might be beneficial to postpone a flight if possible. If you do any traveling during this time anticipate possible delays, misplaced luggage or mechanical breakdowns.

This isn’t a good time to make major purchases, sign contracts or make decisions with long-term consequences. When you don’t have a flexible timeline double check and triple check everything and have someone else look over the agreement. Even if they identify an unnecessary precaution it can generate a useful conversation.

Keep your humor because the errors can be pretty funny!

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April Moon Phases

Full Moon: April 11
New Moon: April 26

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Make A CHOICE for

Your World View

I asked the Universe to tell me which card would most benefit us, personally and collectively, to pay attention to in the month of April.

The card is CHOICE. When the CHOICE card comes up it always denotes a time that a decision needs to be made to do our lives as we have in the past, or to do them in a new way.

This card suggests that each of us will benefit when we review our life course and the decisions we have made along our path (a life review is good to make during Mercury retrograde). In the course of the review decide what is going well in your life, as well as what you want to do differently.

What do you want to manifest? What new relationships do you want to form? How do you want to open your mind to new purposes and interpretations? How might you become closer to spirit?

As a card representing you in the collective ask what you like about the current direction of your community and country and what you would like to see changed.

Make your CHOICEs and decide what resources, financial or actions, you can invest to help your vision of the world come into reality.

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