April 2015

Judyth Sult’s April 2015 Newsletter

Notes from J

The word Easter comes from the Goddess Ester, who was celebrated in the spring long before the purported resurrection of Christ. Ester was celebrated at the spring equinox as the Goddess of rebirth as the plants reemerge from the darkness.

Many of my friends are not religious and chose not to celebrate Easter or Christmas as these holidays are deemed a major merchandising intrusion. I suggest one considers reframing the holidays in a way that has meaning for you.

Just as the Christmas tree is an ancient pagan symbol, so too are the symbols of Easter. Easter celebrations make me giggle as people unknowingly celebrate this spring holiday with the ancient fertility symbols of the bunnies and colored eggs are expressions of rebirth and a new cycle of life. My wish, is that more people at least be conscious that the earth is awakening to new life and the joy of creation.

For me, spring is about hope for the future of our planet, that is, the ability to rebirth species that live in the forests, jungles, deserts, oceans and rivers. This Easter, I will look at our beloved earth and renew my commitment to do what I can to help heal her and keep her fertile.

What is Easter for you?


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Life Cycles – Release and rebirth

Language is so important. Subtle, or maybe not so subtle, language variations, such as the name of a card, can evoke very different responses during a reading. The Life Cycles card is most appropriate for spring time. This is the card that represents releasing the old that has keep a hold on you long past its usefulness. Grieve over that loss, and then accept that there will be renewal to fill the space left by the the release.

Whenever I read for someone I remind them that the Death card does not mean a physical death, yet, every time it comes up in a reading this card momentarily shuts down the person for whom I’m reading.

Even though the person KNOWS it’s not about a physical death, all sorts of images and fears go through their mind. Even after explaining the nature of the card, there is an echo of the word, “Death” that does not evoke empowerment and often interfers with the message.

The Life Cycle card, which replaces Death, in Tarot of Empowerment, evokes a very different reaction. The querent generally engages with the interpretation of the card. When this card comes up in my readings, I most often find the querent accepts that there is old baggage to release and grieve over in order to be able to move forward with dreams and aspirations that have been put on hold for too long. Generally, when Life Cycle comes up in a reading I suggest the person perform the ritual below and then pull another card for what to call in to replace what has been released.

My goal in reading Tarot is to eliminate the fear so that a person is empowered to discover new possibilities to reach their highest potential.

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Life Cycle Ritual

Sometimes we get into a habit

We all have habits, some good, some not so good. Holding onto an old belief, relationship, feeling, or childhood message can serve to keep one from moving forward in a healthy way.

Sometimes people find themselves with a partner or a job that seemed like a perfect match, only to find that they’ve outgrown it. They may actually be in love with the potential they originally saw in the relationship rather than what it has actually become.

My heart hurts for people who come to me for a reading when the querent is more focused on getting back what was, rather than on accepting what is.

Take a symbol of what you need to release. It might be a photo, a remembrance, a business card or a word or phrase written on a paper – whatever symbolizes what you want to release. Bless it, then burn or bury it as a symbol or release.

Then write what you want to fill the space you have just created in your heart and hold it there.

Habits don’t go away with a ritual. You will still feel the tug of the old. When you do, repeat the words, “I release you and call – – into my life.”

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