April 15, 2020

Judyth Sult’s

Empowerment Newsletter

Stay safe, wash your hands, stay 6 feet apart

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Notes from J

This is such an important time for healing not just ourselves, but for the whole planet. Spring is a time for renewal of the earth, and Gaia has had a moment of cleanliness. As awful as Covid19 has been for humans, it’s impossible not to see how we have polluted the earth. People in India can see blue skies for the first time in at least a generation. Beijing has seen clear skies, as has Los Angeles, New York and other typically polluted.

It is up to us, as individuals and as groups to take action to plan to clean up our messes and stop polluting the earth, our home. Or, Gaia may find a way for this terrible disease to be around for a very long time.

So far I’ve received positive response to the announcement in my April 1 newsletter that I’m changing the format to two newsletters a month (that was no April fools joke). My newsletters have become pretty dense with information and rituals and readers want more time to digest them. You can access the April 1 newsletter that discusses calculating your personal month for April, a free tarot draw, and the moon signs for April by clicking here.

This newsletter features characteristics of the empowered and damaged Third Chakra and rituals for healing it.

Stay safe, wash your hands and stay at least 6 feet apart,


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Coaching Corner

Third Chakra

There are basically seven energy centers in the body which we refer to as chakras. All of the chakras work together and when one is blocked your life accompishments and health may be affected in areas related to that chakra. Understanding the energy of each chakra can help you live a happier life.

In the last two newsletters we’ve explored the first two chakras which you can read about https://judythsult.com/here. In this newsletter we’ll explore the third chakra.

Third chakra signs of balance: Confident, motivated, purposeful, reliable, responsible

Third chakra signs of imbalance: Aggression, overly dominating toward others, low self-esteem

The third chakra is called the Solar Plexus or naval chakra and is located near the belly button. The third chakra is associated with the color yellow, the element of fire, the stones citrine and tiger eye and the sound Ram.

A healthy third chakra presents as a person who is confident, productive, and has good self esteem. This is where your sense of personal power resides. When the third chakra is balanced you feel empowered. An empowered person is willing to take responsibility for her own well-being, is able to set and enforce personal boundaries, and is able to convert intention into action.

When the third chakra is blocked the symptoms often manifest as a digestive disorder, a lack of confidence, and an inability to get things done.

Rituals for healing the third chakra

Activate the healing of this chakra by lighting a candle and meditate on the element of fire and what creates the fire of passion in your life. Think of ways to keep that fire burning.

Wear something yellow, even if it’s only underwear. Carry citrine or tiger eye stones or jewelry.

Make a mantra of repeating the word RAM over and over.

Make a list of your goals and create steps to take and a timeline to complete the goals.

Identify what boundaries you need to establish with others and explain the boundaries in a clear and positive way

Most of all, know that you deserve to be empowered to live your life fully. Contact me if you need help healing any of your chakras.

I have developed a very effective protocol for distance Reiki which has proven very effective for relieving symptoms of Covid19 and other physical and mental health issues during this time. Call me for more details.
(360) 305 1491.

April 22, Aries New Moon

The New Moon signals a time to set intentions, and Aries is the start of the astrological calendar. So during a few days before this new moon, think about what you want to call into your life, and what habits you will need to develop to make your intentions a reality.

Make this new moon count!