October 2019


Judyth Sult’s October Empowerment Newsletter

Notes from J

In the PNW our summer seemed to last only a minute, and then fall arrived.

October is the month when many believe that the veil between this world and the after world is the thinnest. As we move into the darkness in the northern hemisphere, it can be a powerful time to honor those who have passed before us. Feel free to include pets in your memory ritual described below. (See ritual below) (See article Celebrating the Dead Around the World)

The cards for October hold the numeric value of 1. The Magician (1) is for calling in the magic to create your intentions. Be clear about what you intend to call in.

The Wheel of Fortune (10) acknowledges the turning of time – everything changes. Look where you have been and where you want to go.

 The Sun (19) is the card of YES! Move into your future with confidence because you understand where you have been and have clear intention for your future!

This month’s Coaching Corner explores how to set your intention.

Whatever you do this month, find peace in your heart.



Ritual for remembrance

This is a ritual best done in nature. You can do it individually, or in a group with each person celebrating those who have passed onto the next world.

Bring something symbolic of the person(s) you are remembering.

Write the name of the remembered person on a rock as you speak a favorite memory.

Review the changes in your life since the loss and acknowledge that you have a future.

Take a rock, branch or flower as a reminder of the ritual when you leave.

Allow yourself to remember, to grieve and to find comfort in the ritual. of

                                                                Coaching Corner

Setting Intentions

Setting your intention is different than telling yourself what you “should” be doing or want to do. When you set your intention you state your highest desire and activate your goals. Setting your intention is active, not passive.

When you state your intention you put your desires out into the universe so that the various energies can line up to help your intentions come true. Your intentions are best be manifested when they are in alignment with your values.

Your intention is a call to attract to yourself what you desire. It can be in the physical plane (a friend just manifested a home), or an internal objective (another client just achieved forgiveness towards a late partner).

Begin by being thankful for the things you already have in your life before setting your new intention. Create whatever kind of ritual that will be meaningful to you. My way of setting intention is to begin by calling on my angels and guides, but that may not work for you.

Be pretty specific about what you want. Maybe you want to manifest a new job. Rather than name the title and company you want to work for, perhaps calling in the perfect job for you that pays you well and is work you enjoy with compatible co-workers in a convenient location.

Re-state your intention (it can be a shortened version) in the days and weeks that follow. Notice what you are doing to support your intention. For example, you might write a note to remind yourself of the intention and place copies of your intention where you will be reminded of what you are calling into your life.

Give the universe time to create the circumstances for the intention to come true.

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Cards for October 10th


Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Bring me your power

Manifest my magic to do good

I call on Spirit to ignite my soul

As the Magician, know what it is you want, for you are empowered to call it to you. Focus your attention on what you want to manifest on this earthly plane. Understand you call on your magical powers doing harm to none.

Click here for more information about this card.

                                                                                                    Wheel of Fortune

Spin, spin

Embrace change

Bring good fortune

Spin, Spin

When the Wheel of Fortune comes up in your reading, you are in sync with the Universe, and it is time to pay attention to what it is trying to tell you. Times will change, and this is your opportunity to prepare for your future. Change can be very difficult for people who have a strong desire to control. The wheel will spin, and it is time for you to decide how you will accept and respond to the turn of the Wheel of Fortune.

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Shine with confidence

Believe the promise of success

Seize your place in the Universe

Go for it!

When the Sun comes up in a reading, it indicates a strong yes to your question, be it the undertaking of a new adventure or the risk of a new relationship. Have confidence in your decisions and actions. Understand that your attitude in relationships is valued as enlightened, generous, and loving. The Sun allows an internal “sigh,” assuring that things are going well.

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October 13, Full Moon, in Aries. The full moon in Aries is the time to be sure you align with your intentions. If you are open, this full moon can give you information about yourself.

October 28, New Moon, in Scorpio. Scorpio represents death, creation, transformation, and rebirth. During this new moon look deeply within to process how to transform old energy into positive patterns.

October 31- November 1, Halloween or Samhein. Samhain is a time to remember those who have passed on, celebrate the Summers end and prepare for Winter months ahead. In Celtic countries food offerings were made for the spirits that still wandered this realm. Christians celebrate All Saints Day.

Celebrating the Dead

Around the World

October is often said to be when the veil between the worlds is thin, allowing the spirits of those who passed on to come back to this realm. Some cultures see this time as frightening, while others see it as a joyful celebration because they believe the ancestors come back to celebrate. We’re going to explore the Pagan tradition of the Celts and the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico and other regions of Latin American.

Halloween is a modern carryover of these traditions that have celebrated of the departed for thousands of years. The Pagan celebration called Samhein (pronounced SOW-in) was first celebrated by the Celts and generally lasted from October 31 to November 2. It is the Pagan New Year and the spirits return to roam in this realm.

Samhein is a Celtic tradition to remember and honor the dead. In the past, food was often left on altars and just outside the door for the ghosts of the departed in order to appease them so they would not harm those in the house. Thus, the beginning of modern day Trick or Treat

In a like manner in the olden times, people wore costumes and painted their faces white so the evil spirits could not know them. The tradition lighting of Jack-O-Lanterns was also to protect them from the spirits. This is the history of Halloween costumes and pumpkins.

Also from October 31 to November 2, Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is celebrated to honor loved ones who have passed over. It is believed by many that children who have died come at midnight to spend a day with their families on October 31 and then leave the next day. Adults who have crossed over arrive the next day. The celebration is often held at the gravesites of those who have passed. It is a joyful, rather than solemn, occasion with food, games and lots of sugar candy.

Many other cultures have celebrations during these 3 days. The Festival of the Dead include Peruvians, Pacific Islanders, people of the Tonga Islands, ancient Persians and ancient Romans. Additional celebrations for the ancestors include those in Japan, Korea, Nepal, China, India, and Madagascar.

Whether you dress up or you welcome ghosts and goblins (and many supeheros) enjoy the celebration this year.