November 2020

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Notes from J

Happy Halloween with a full moon! The second full moon of the month!

Yay! Mercury goes direct November 3, although it will be several days before we get past communication, transportation and electronics challenges. Please try to be patient.

November is usually a month of giving thanks and enjoying friendship and family gatherings. This November will be difficult for many of us as Covid 19 is causing us to limit or entirely forgo holiday celebrations.

I know so many people have suffered such losses this year through the loss of jobs, illness and even death. However, no matter how difficult it is, let this month be a time of giving thanks for what you do have in your life.

Every day you have a choice to be thankful and in gratitude, or to fall into an abyss of anxiety. The card for this month is Choice. Every day when you awake make the choice to do what it takes to remind you what you love. Take a walk in nature, go for a ride, take photographs of beautiful things, dance, jump rope. Do what it takes to get your energy moving in a positive, empowered direction and have gratitude.

I am here if you want to share your thoughts or actions.


Third Eye, 6th Chakra

             Coaching Corner

The 6th Chakra is often referred to as the Third Eye and it resides just above the eyebrows. This chakra is said to be the center of your intuition that lets you “see” from a higher consciousness.

Your Third Eye is open when you feel in the flow, where your life seems to come together in a pleasant productive way. Your intuition leads you and often gives you information that is in your highest and best good. When your 6th Chakra is open you are capable of receiving communication from your guides in the form of inner wisdom and understanding.

When your 6th Chakra is out of balance it can manifest as indecision if there is no clarity in the chakra. On the other hand, an out of balance Third Eye can also manifest as spaciness and an inability to ground in the world.

To bring this chakra into balance try meditation, receive Reiki, or go for a walk in nature. Talk to your guides and tell them what you want at this stage of your life and tell themhow they can help you.

Full Moon: October 31, Full Moon in Taurus on Halloween The Full Moon in Taurus will likely be even more ardent and inspired than usual full moons as it will most likely bring unexpected experiences.

Mercury retrograde: November 3, Election Day, Mercury goes direct. Mercury in retrograde usually brings about challenges in communication, transportation and electronics. Mercury has been retrograde since October 13, during the period that millions of Americans have been taking advantage of early voting. It takes until November 23 for Mercury to move out of the shadow of the retrograde, suggesting it may be that long before the election results are clear.

New Moon: November 15, New Moon in Scorpio The New Moon is a time to look inward. The New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio which is a time to become acquainted with your emotions, dark or light. It’s only when you acknowledge the dark emotions that you can bring them into the healing light. Use the time between this New Moon and the Full Moon to identify the darkness that is in the way of becoming the best person you can be. During this time ask your guides to lead you to a new or revised way of action that will support you to the best of who you can be.

Full Moon: November 30, Full Moon in Gemini, conjunct Uranus, Lunar eclipse The nature of the Full Moon is to illuminate what has been in the dark. Gemini is the planet of communication and it may seem that everyone is talking at once and you don’t know what to believe. Uranus represents surprising insights and freedom from old structures, combined with the Full Moon in Gemini this could be a time of revealingn the truth leading to universal enlightenment and new direction.

In October Carolanne received a free Reiki session.

My November give away is for an empowerment coaching session.

Send me your name and why you a session would be helpful.


Remember, this year is a universal 4 year (2+0+2+0=4) which holds the energy of building, order and stability for the entire year. All of the numbers have a polarity of positive and negative energy. The perfect 4 would build and stable and orderly environment. But if those attributes are taken to the extreme building can become destruction, order can become stagnation, and stability can become chaos.

November is the 11th month which reduces to 2. To calculate the universal energy for November we add 4+2 and get 6. So the Universal Month is 6.

In numerology the general theme for a 6 month is about unconditional love, family and responsibility. One would expect November to be about situations nurturing relationships, enjoying friendly gatherings, and being responsible, especially in light of covid 19.

To calculate your Personal Month energy is for November, first remember your Personal Year. For your Personal Year, add your birth day and month to the current calendar year. Reduce all numbers to a single digit. A September 23 birthday, Personal Year is 9+5 +4=18, reduces to 9. For the Personal Month, add the Personal Year, in this case 9, to the current Universal Month 2.  Adding 9+2=11, which then reduces to 2.

The Personal Month energy for the September 23 birthday for November is 2. This person will have a strong sense of intuition and strive for balance and cooperation during this month.

Let me know if I can help you calculate your personal month.

1 – The 1 energy of new beginnings, leadership and initiative.

2 – The 2 energy of harmony, partnership and cooperation.

3 – The 3 energy of expansiveness, adventure and joy.

4 – The 4 energy of limits, order, and service.

5 – The 5 energy of change, enthusiasm, and adaptability.

6 – The 6 energy of home, family and responsibility.

7 – The 7 energy of analysis, understanding and logic.

8 – The 8 energy of power, money and confidence.

9 – The 9 energy of completion, idealism, humanitarianism

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