May 2019

Rev. Judyth Sult’s May
Empowerment Newsletter

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Feel the expansive energy of May – the flowers are exploding with color and fragrance. The sun is staying longer in the sky and bringing warmer weather. The waterfalls, rivers and streams are flowing with abundance.

Beltane, celebrated May 1, falls between Spring and Summer and blesses fertility in all its forms. What do you want to become fertile in your life? What do you want to plant in your personal and spiritual garden? What do you want to expand and where do you need to weed?

I will be at 12th St Shoes doing readings to help them celebrate 20 years in business.

May this month bring you joy and reward your intention.

Blessings and hugs,


Coaching Corner

What keeps you from moving towards your goal?

Let’s say you want to become a contestant on a program like Dancing with the Stars. Pretend that you don’t know which dance you want to specialize in, and you get to choose your own dance partner. Let’s say you don’t feel that you can choose the right partner because you don’t know your specialized dance. You assume that you need the “correct” partner in order to move forward and you end up in a spiral rather than moving towards your goal.

Perhaps it would benefit you to try to dance with different partners in order to see which one best fits you. Apply what you learned from your experiences from when you were first learning dance steps. Examine what you liked about the music, the steps and the partner. See if a different partner makes a difference in how you experience the dance.

The point is, you can keep dancing in order to find the dance in which you will eventually specialize. Broaden the experiences in your journey towards you goal and don’t wait for all the answers before getting out on the floor.

Creating an Empowering reading

Tarot of Empowerment is not intended to be a fortune telling tool. It is a deck to use with the intention of communicating with your guides to have a road map to what is in your highest good as it relates to your question.

Below is a sample reading for a best course of action. The question might be, “What is my best course of action regarding my job?”

Card 1

Theme around the question

Card 2

Best course of action for me to take

Card 3

My challenge to complete the best course of action

Card 4

The most likely outcome

Draw cards here to do this reading! Let me know if you have questions.

Cards for May

Wise one, tell me your ways

How do I learn the answers?

How do I find my power?

Share your knowledge and your wisdom with me

The Advisor empowers through wise and truthful counsel that is based on experience and fairness. You become empowered when you actively listen to and judiciously apply the knowledge in your life.

Honor each aspect of who you are

Blend all aspects of your life

Be patient, loving and balanced

You are the alchemist

Temperance empowers you to accept your own needs by acknowledging, honoring and bringing into balance all aspects in your life.

What is your personal month in May?

First, calculate your personal year by adding the numbers of the month, day and current year. For example, May 29, 2019 is 5+2 (29 reduced to11, then reduced to 2)+ 3 (2019 reduced to 12, then 3.) So, the personal year for May 29 is 10=1.

To find the personal month add the number of the month to the personal year. In this example, the personal year is 1 and May equals 5, so the personal month is a 6.

1 is the number of individuality and initiating action.

2 is the number of cooperation and adaptability.

3 is the number of communication and joy.

4 is the number of home and stability.

5 is the number of visionary expansion.

6 is the number of responsibility and nurturing.

7 is the number analysis, awareness and understanding.

8 is the number of power and status.

9 is the number of creativity and humanitarianism.

New Moon May 4 in Taurus. Set you intentions to grow your spiritual connections and creative endeavors.

Full Moon – May 18 in Scorpio. An emotional time when deep feelings may be revealed.