March 2022

Judyth Sult’s March

Empowerment Newsletter

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Confessions of a Spiritual Teacher and Request for Help

For many years I’ve been writing this newsletter for you. My initial motivation was twofold; to build a reader base and, most importantly, to provide tools to you, my readers, about how to apply spiritual tools to get through life. My belief is that these tools can help connect us to the Universal energy so we can navigate life’s challenges with more grace than we may otherwise have.

Over the years I’ve introduced you to my interpretation of Tarot, Numerology, Chakras, Crystals, Ritual and Moon energies. The purpose of introducing these tools has been to help you become aware of, and engage the energy that assists you in communicating with your Angels and Guides.

My confession is that for the last several years I seldom use these tools myself. Each month I’ve enjoyed reconnecting to these tools to write my newsletter, but during the month I only occasionally use them myself.

Why am I confessing this? I want each of you to understand that you HAVE a connection to your Angels and Guides, whether you use these tools or not. These tools may help with the connection, or bring an additional dimension or understanding to the Universal energy, but you are already connected.

I believe that the most important tool is for you to talk to your Angels and Guides. Tell them what you want to manifest and ask for their assistance in creating that manifestation. Thank them for what they do for you. Get in the habit of asking for their protection every time you get in a car. When you have a question, ask them for a sign to find the best answer. Learn to trust them. Most importantly, acknowledge them.

Identify the tools, practices or beliefs that help YOU to connect with Spirit. Over the many years of my spiritual practice, I’ve learned about, and used all of the tools I’ve shared with you in this newsletter. Currently, I find my deepest connection is when I give Reiki and when I’m coaching. My connection comes at the beginning of each session when I say a quiet prayer inviting my Angels and Guides, and those of my client, to participate in the healing or coaching session and I allow the energy to flow through me.

I still provide Tarot and Numerology readings when requested. At the beginning of each month, I acknowledge my Personal energy number. During the month I do pay attention to the energies of the New and Full Moons. My point is, the tools are available when I need help understanding the magic of the world and my place in it, but I ALWAYS know and feel the connection to spirit.

That is what I want for you, reader. For you to understand that you are connected to Spirit. That you have Angels and Guides (or whatever you decide to call them) who are available to assist you in life. That you are not, and never will be, completely alone. There are tools that can help you connect, but your trust that there is a presence to help you is your greatest tool.

This is what I want from you as we move forward. Let me know what you would like to see in future newsletters. What would you like me to keep and what do you want me to jettison? What tools would you like to learn more about? What direction would you like me to take? How can I best assist you on your journey?

I look forward to your response.



Sky Signs

New Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter, March 2. An extremely beneficial time to manifest what you want to call into your life. Every New Moon is about manifesting, but the conjunction with expansive, optimistic Jupiter gives extra power to make your wishes come true.

Full Moon in Virgo, March 18. Virgo conveys practical energy and is useful to determine suitable steps to encourage the seeds planted in the New Moon to produce beautiful fruit.

Spring Equinox in Aries, new year, March 22. The Spring Equinox is when the length of day and night are equal. Aries is also the astrological beginning of the new year.

March Universal Number is 9

The March 9 energy is about completion and wholeness.

When 9 is multiplied by another number the sum of that number totals a 9. Nine added to another number reduces to the other number. Therefore, 9 represents both wholeness and completeness.

The energy this month will be one of having the potential to bring much of the world together as a whole. It is also a time to get rid of outdated ideas and projects.

Meeting World Challenges

The world has been sorely challenged over the last several years. Covid, climate challenges and now the war between Ukraine and Russia and a nuclear threat puts the world at the greatest risk it has seen. Each of you has to decide what attention you will give the world’s needs. I am both a spiritual and political person and often struggle with how and where to put my energy for the greatest good. Below is what I am asking of my Angels and Guides. Without judgement, I acknowledge it is up to you to decide what, if anything, you will do.

I call on my Angels and Guides to add my energy to the Universal energy to focus on bringing a swift resolution to the military conflict with minimal loss of lives. I ask that, as a part of the human race, we come together to recognize the damage we’ve caused to this wonderful place we call home, and make cleaning our environment the next highest priority. I ask that as part of cleaning our environment we recognize it benefits all of us to help feed and house those without food and shelter. I ask my Angels and Guides to show me how to live in this place called Earth to heal, love others and be together in peace.

For the good of all, so be it.M