March 2019

Rev. Judyth Sult’s March 2019
Empowerment Newsletter

Notes from J

 Welcome to Spring!

I love this time of the year. You can really see the days getting longer and the little crocus begin to bring color back to the bare landscape. Days are unpredictable between rain and sun, wind and cold. There seems to be more optimism in the air.

The theme for March seems to be about creating and becoming the character you most want to be in the story of your life. The energy of March is all about planting the seeds of your future.

March is the 3rd month in a 3 year (2019=3), so March 3, 12, 21, and 30, 2019 will be 333 days. Read about the magical 333 energy below.

The Spring (Vernal) Equinox is March 20 this year. This is a time of equal light and darkness. It’s a time to decide what seeds to plant in your physical and personal garden. As a ritual, on the first day of spring plant the seeds to represent what you want to grow in your life. Nurture those plants throughout the year.

This is a wonderful time to decide how you will grow joy in your life!

Blessings and hugs,


Coaching Corner

Change for Empowerment

The energy around this time is change and renewal. We look at the plants budding and the flowers poking their heads out of the soil. Use the energy of this time to decide what you want to change in your life by following the steps below.

1. Acknowledge the truth of your situation.

Are you happy with the way you spend your day and night? What are you doing that brings you the greatest joy and what are you doing that brings you the most distress? Acknowledge the truth of what is.

 2. Determine if the situation is salvageable if you change within it, or if you have to create something new and different.

Be honest with yourself and look at how your attitude is contributing to the situation. Are you sharing gossip with other people in the office who are unhappy and creating dissatisfaction? Are you arguing with your partner rather than listening? Are you approachable? Write down the things you can change about yourself that will contribute to greater satisfaction.

3. Accept that others are as they are and you cannot change them, but you can change your reaction to them. Focusing on how you wish another would change is unproductive and will only add to your frustration. Try to see how you can change your environment. Listen to yourself and evaluate how you are responding to the situation. Try not to take criticism personally. Strategize with a non-involved friend about what you could do differently in the frustrating situation.

4. Explore alternatives – don’t keep doing what doesn’t work and expect it to change. If the job or relationship doesn’t work it’s time to move on. Get your resume up to date and start networking to find out what’s out there. The longer you stay in a situation you don’t like the more discouraged you will become. If it’s your relationship that has to end, do it cleanly and completely. Going back and forth sends mixed messages and extends the pain for both of you.

5. Embrace yourself – believe that you deserve the best. Change can be difficult and demoralizing, so be gentle with yourself. Find allies to help you. Be willing to get professional legal or emotional help. You become empowered when you take the first step to help yourself improve. Change takes time. You evolved over a period of time and changes will take time as well.

You are welcome to contact me for life coaching support through your changes.

333 – March 3, 2019

In numerology the number 3 represents creativity, expansiveness, joy and artistic endeavors. March is the third month of the year and 2019 reduces to 3 (2+0+1+9=12 reduces to 3). On the third day of March the numbers will reflect 333. March 12, 21, and 30 will have the 333 energy because those numbers also reduce to 3, however the energy will be somewhat reduced in comparison to the third day.

In many cultures the trinity is a mystical number that reflects the joining of the heaven and earth. In some traditions 3 is the number of magical intention and invokes the power of the past, present and future. In holistic health there is body, mind and spirit. In some traditions the power of 3 is angelic and represents a connection to the spirit.

Ritual: Mark March 3, 2019 on your calendar and open yourself up to messages from your angels and guides.. Set your alarm to 3:00 to intensify the experience. Plan ahead to decide what you want to create and what answers you want to receive from beyond. Decide what you want your story to become. Be willing to listen to the answers and to trust that you can believe in the message. Pay attention to signs throughout the day.

 Manifest, create, and spread joy!


Mercury Retrograde March 5 – 28

Mercury rules intellect, education, communication, and all matters of the mind. When it appears to move backwards in the sky, it is said to be retrograde. Because Mercury is about communication, look out for confused messages, calendar challenges and misunderstood interactions. It is also a time to be conscious about speaking more clearly and being willing to expect delays. Be patient!

New Moon – March 6

The New Moon on the 6th emphasizes new beginnings. It is a time to set goals and plant seeds for your future.

Spring Equinox – March 20

Day and night are equal and the days will become longer. Celebrate the renewal of life.

Full Moon – March 21

Continue the celebration of Spring. Nurture the seeds that you planted at the new moon. Love yourself, become yourself, celebrate yourself!