March 2015

Judyth Sult’s March 2015 Newsletter

Notes from J

The Tarot of Empowerment Limited Edition Collector Set is being shipped NOW! Thanks to our friends for helping us to put together the first 75 sets that we will send to people who have already ordered and for the NW Tarot Symposium. Each set has a numbered and signed card by Gordana and me.

Last month I shared a sample reading with you and many people asked me to report on what the Chaos card represented. In my reading Chaos came up in the position of my challenge. Well, the Charos was that everything that went through a print process (cards, book, stickers, reading cloth) had to be redone due to printer errors.

But we presevered, as suggested by the Sustenance card, and here we are, ready to send out the sets!

Blessings and hugs,


PS: You can now order and pay for your deck by going to

Tarot of  Empowerment Limited Edition Collector Set

Set includes 23 Major Arcana, book, signed and numbered collector card, pouch, reading cloth and Empowerment Treasure box.

Orders paid for by March 8 will be available at $100. After March 8 it will be sold at the regular price of $150. Sets will be available at the NW Tarot Symposium March 6 to 8.

Order today by clicking here or going to

Tarot of Empowerment Radio Archives

Listen to the archived show here of Heather Mendel, artist, author, mystic and speaker,

Listen to the archived program here of Jadzia DeForest, of NW Tarot Symposium and Devera Publishing.

Additional archived interviews can be found at

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Tarot of Empowerment

is now on internet TV!

Listen live or listen later.

March 9, Monday 3pm, debut show of Tarot of Empowerment TV with Gordana Curgus and Judyth Sult

March 23, Monday, 3pm, Tarot of Empowerment TV with a surprise guest.

The program can be streamed live, or watched later. My TV program on this station begins March 9th.

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