March 2014

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Judyth Sult’s March Newsletter

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                                 Notes from J

In spite of the snow and freezing raining in our area, the little spring plants are pushing their way towards the light. At springtime most living things are relentless in their quest for light, which symbolizes rebirth and renewal. Many cultures have stories and rituals related to death and rebirth: Christian, Jesus; Roman, Cybele; German, Eostre; Egyptian, Osiris; Norse, Freya; Persian, Nowruz, to name a few.

Reflecting perfect balance of the receding dark and advancing light, rituals related to spring suggest a letting go of the old and calling in the new. The article below is a ritual to release what’s old in your life and to claim the new. This is a good time for this ritual as we’re still in the energy of the new moon, which perfect timing to plant new seeds for change.

Gordana Curgus, my brilliant partner in creating Tarot of Empowerment, has finished two more cards you can see at the side. We don’t relate to symbols and words of royalty and have renamed the Court cards as Wisdom cards, a more contemporary grouping that reflects the stages of learning. Pages are Students, Knights are Apprentices, Queens are Teachers, and Kings are Sages.

A lucky someone will receive a free print of one of the Tarot of Empowerment cards by calling into our next radio program, (347) 205-9869, on March 12 at 6pm PST. I’ll be discussing the meaning of the cards and how that meaning changes depending on where it lands in the layout. When you call for a free reading be sure to say you are a friend in order to be moved up in the queue.

Hugs and blessings to you all,


PS: I’ll be in China from March 26 to April 22 so be sure to call for a reading or healing appointment soon.

March Calendar

4, Mardi Gras (fat Tuesday)

9, Daylight savings

16, Full Moon

20, Spring Equinox

30, New Moon

New Cards from

Tarot of Empowerment

Student of Water
The Student of Water is the youngest of the water Wisdom cards and as such, is unformed, and enthusiastic. She is beginning her journey to learn the mysteries of intuition, emotions and relationships. She may be dreamy and deeply interested in the spiritual.

The Student of Water is willing to take a risk as she steps out of her comfort zone in learning new skills and knowledge. As a student, she is open to new paths and ideas.  As the youngest of the water suit she has the least experience of the Wisdom cards and is willing to ask for help of those who are wiser.

In Tarot of Empowerment the Student wears the pearls, representing her naiveté at the beginning of her journey as a student. Harmonic proportion and progression of the nautilus are the essence of the universe and is consistent with nature around us.

The nautilus has progressively larger chambers just as throughout life our knowledge grows.

When the Student of Water comes up in your reading it is time to be open to new information about a relationship or your intuition. Be willing to take a risk and step outside of your comfort zone and be open to new information

Sage of Water

The Sage is the wisest and most intuitive of the Wisdom group regarding emotions and relationships. Her wisdom comes through reflection and experience which has led her to make positive, heartfelt judgments. She has experimented as a student, exploring and questioning answers from others. As the apprentice she has experienced the necessity of focusing on the information from the elders. As the teacher she has recognized the outmoded themes and lessons that no longer are relevant in today’s culture. The Sage of Water is wise enough to know what works and what has outgrown its usefulness. She is willing to give up outmoded emotions and relationships.

The Sage of Water in the Tarot of Empowerment deck is depicted by her connection to the environment of the world and the seasons of the salmon, from birth through the final journey. The Sage wears the nautilus head dress showing that she has integrated the evolution of knowledge, beauty and spirit which are brought together through the ages.

When the Sage of Water comes up in your reading it is time for you to give up something that is no longer working for your highest potential. It could be a dream that is not possible or a relationship that is no longer healthy. Remember, when you release what is no longer useful decide how you will fill the void created by the release of the old.

5 Things to Do to Re-energize You Life

Making conscious, intentional decisions about those things you can change in your life will lead you to a more dynamic present life.

1. Pay attention to how and with whom you are spending your time and energy. You don’t have to answer every text or call from people who drain you. Decide if you are responding to “should” rather than what you want to do. You may not be able to eliminate everything that’s not fun, but by paying attention you will become aware of how many pleasant and exciting things you are doing in your life. Pay attention!

2. Set your intention around what you want in your life and then allow the change that will make the intention a reality. That’s right; you need to change if you want things to be different. Do you want more fun, better health, or healthier relationships? If so, you need to set your intention and figure out how to make that intention become a reality.

3. Live creatively. Creativity opens new horizons, provides new insights and stimulates your senses. Creativity is doing things in a new way, be it cooking, art, music, business, problem solving, relationships or whatever. Children are creative because they figure out how to do things without knowing the rules. Let the child in you take over and forget the rules. Try breaking at least 1 rule a day for a week and see how free you become.

4. Expect and accept the unexpected. When you change the rules, pay attention, and make changes to create your intention, you can expect that things will be different in your world. New opportunities will become available. New people will appear in your life. New gifts will be given and received.

5. Say YES more often and be courageous enough to say NO. Huh? Learn to say yes to things that are fun and new. Learn to say yes to risk (a little risk to one person can be a big risk to another). Learn to say yes to gifts from other people. Have the courage to say no to obligations that don’t feed your soul or when your boundaries are intruded upon. When your idea of a good time is staying home and reading a book you don’t have to go out to prove you are a good sport.

Spring Soul Cleansing Ritual

This ritual takes as long as it takes. It isn’t a race, nor do you get extra credit for taking all day. You will know when you are complete with the exercise. Stay with it until you feel that sense of completion.

The intent of the ritual is to clear out the old which may be keeping your from reaching your highest potential. However, nature abhors a vacuum and it is best for you to fill the space you just created by calling in what you want to replace the old.

Decide on a time and place where you will not be disturbed for however long it might take you to finish the ritual. Clear the space of unnecessary and unwanted energy by smudging or sprinkling salt and water with the intent that the space has clean energy and is a protected place for you to go into a conversation with your guides without unwanted entities entering into the conversation.

Lie down, or sit in a comfortable place. Use music if it is helpful. Call on your angels and guides to support you, and guide you, in releasing that which may be in the way of achieving your highest good.

Try to stay open and clear. Allow the images or words to come into your awareness. Stay with the images as long as you wish and simply state, “I release you.”

Next, call on the angels and guides to bring into your awareness that which is in your highest good to replace what you just released.

Take as long as it takes for you to be complete. You will know if you listen.

When I did this ritual recently I realized that fear and self-imposed limitations were in the way of me reaching my highest good.  Now, mind you, I don’t go around afraid every day, but as these words came to me from my guides many images came up.

Writing has always been difficult for me because I’m dyslexic and learned to read and write later than my peers. I realized that the way I integrated dyslexia was a self-limitation and that I have grown beyond the limitations of the condition. 

My decision is to replace the limitations I set for myself by embracing my writing abilities and trusting that I will find the newsletter, website text and handouts easier to create.

As I floated in a vague state of letting my angels and guides speak to me more information came through to help me reach my highest potential. As a result of the ritual I know what I’m releasing and what I’m calling in to fill in the space. My soul feels sparkly and clean.

Let me know how this works for you.

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