June 2018

Judyth Sult’s June 2018 Empowerment Newsletter


NOTES from J

Ah, June, the beginning of summer. You can almost taste the corn on the cob and feel the sun on your shoulders. In the Pacific Northwest we still will have cool days and some rain, but the days are long with sunrise at 5am and sunset after 9pm! Enjoy the Summer Solstice, June 21!

The energy of June is about making choices regarding home, love and compassion. As you move into the Solstice decide what you want to release, including relationships that no longer serve you. If you feel trapped, remember there is always an opening, a way out. Have courage and find that way.

June feels like a feminine month and the pearl and moonstone birthstones really reflect that. I became curious about the recent auction of the “Sleeping Lion” pearl, recently sold at auction for $494,000. It’s the largest known fresh water pearl at 2.75 inches and 5.4 oz. The pearl originated in China and was owned by Russian empress Catherine the Great. After being traded around Europe for many generations it was sold in 1979 to the Amsterdam Pearl Society which recently auctioned it off.

I’ll be traveling with a friend to move her to the Washington, DC mid June to July 1. Please call me in the next two weeks if you want a reading before I go.

Blessings and hugs,


Photo in header is from a day on the beach of Semiahmoo. My photo  is from my appearance in the Vigina Monologues to support Lydia Place.

A Key to your life purpose

Have you ever wondered why some people have the same problems repeat over and over in the course of their lives? It may be because they are out of sync with the soul purpose with which they were born.

In numerology the most important number is the Life Path. This number will never change because it is based on the actual date of your birth. (To calculate your Life Path add all the numbers of the month, day and year of your birth, for example, 9+18+1973=2000 which is reduced to the single digit of 2.)

The theme of your Life Path number continues to repeat throughout your life. The way you respond to opportunities and challenges are influenced by your Life Path. All numbers exist on a continuum of positive to negative energy, so when you recognize and embrace the positive aspects of your Life Path you will be more inclined to understand the purpose of your life which can lead to living a more harmonious life.

Life Path Meanings

1 – The 1 Life Path energy characterizes the desire to become independent, develop leadership skills and enjoy new situations. The 1 enjoys being the center of attention and loves praise or flattery. They have charm and creative, original minds.

The 1 energy people must guard against becoming opinionated and stubborn, and must learn to share leadership. It is also important to not become selfish or egotistical.

2 – The 2 Life Path energy indicates a person most likely to be cooperative, to have a balanced relationships, and to be considerate and thoughtful of others. A person with the 2 energy likes to work with others and is balanced and fair. Partnerships are preferable to being alone.

The 2 energy people must guard against becoming dependent on others, learn to set boundaries, and to take care of themselves. The 2 energy Life Path wants to help and serve others and may be willing to make peace at all costs.

3 – The 3 Life Path energy represents a person who is creative, playful, an excellent communicator, and hardworking. This person loves to be in the spotlight and has the potential to do well at acting, sales or other creative ventures.

People with a 3 Life Path sometimes need to moderate their activities so they do not get exhausted from their efforts. The 3 energy can become moody and attempt to escape from reality.

4 – People with a 4 Life Path are trustworthy, practical and value order and service to others. The 4 energy is reliable and patient, even though limitations are usually a part of their lives. The 4 energy is that of a builder.

The 4 Life Path Energy must guard against becoming too rigid or structured so that they don’t hear another point of view or perspective. They need to be patient with others and their environment.

5 – The 5 Life Path energy represents the inclination to enjoy change and strive for adventures. The 5 has a number of talents and often goes in many directions at once. A 5 likes variety in the job and has a free and cheerful demeanor.

The 5 has many different talents and often tries to do everything at once so the challenge is to limit the multi-tasking and stay focused to complete projects.

6 – The 6 Life Path has an innate ability to give love and support to others. Six represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. The 6 loves having responsibility for family, friends and the community.

A challenge for the 6 may be to distinguish between helping and interfering. The 6 can be so responsible that self care is so far down on the list of things to do that the person becomes overwhelmed or even ill. A 6 often needs to learn to set boundaries.

7 – The 7 Life Path is inclined to study the world, analyze, and have original and independent thinking. The 7 often enjoys being alone and is satisfied with fewer material goods than others. The 7 energy is often very spiritual.

A challenge for the 7 Life Path is not to become so reclusive as to become isolated from others. The 7 energy may need to guard against becoming negative and quarrelsome.

8 – The issues for the 8 Life Path generally revolve around the accumulation of money, possessions and status. The 8 energy is very focused, competitive and practical. The 8 learns how to identify and pursue goals and an evolved 8 learns to use power and money in a positive way for others as well as for herself.

A challenge for the 8 is to beware of becoming so goal driven as to step over others. Another potential challenge is to remember to spend time and energy to further relationships with others.

9 – The 9 Life Path is most often very compassionate, generous and has a selfless attitude. Recognizing one’s personal spirituality is an integral part of the 9 energy. The 9s are often rewarded in many ways for the compassion they express. The 9 energy also represents a lifetime of completion and these people are often old souls.

The challenge for the 9 may be to overcome difficulties faced early in life.The 9 Life Path is so complex and multi-layered that you will be dissatisfied until you become involved in the metaphysics of life. You have an insatiable appetite for the spiritual and psychological.

You can always call on me if you have a question.

Moon Phases and Rituals

*Suggestion – Put these dates as a reminder on your calendar!

June 13 – New Moon – 1. Express gratitude for your life. 2. Release those thoughts and fears you do not want to carry forward. 3. Create and write down your intentions until the next new moon, in approximately 29 days.

June 21 – Summer Solstice – Longest day of the year. The first day of summer. Light a fire in appreciation for the abundance to come.

June 27 – Full Moon – 1. Focus on the positive as your emotions will be amplified. 2. Review your list of intentions and embrace the energy of working successfully with these intentions. 3. Move your body, celebrate your imagination, claim your right to a joyful life.

Universal Cards for June – Energy  of 6

Both of the cards for June are about making choices. As the Universal card it suggests that major decisions will be made in the world during the month of June. Certainly, with the trade talks and nuclear talks that appears to be accurate. Let’s put our energy out to all of the leaders to make choices that are for the good of all. Let us also put our energy out there that no one feels trapped and responds in way that can endanger the relative peace in the world.

Show me the way to my highest good
Lead me to my truth
Give me the insight for the best outcome
And strength to live with the consequences

When the Choice card comes up, you know that a major decision is coming up. You may be at a moral crossroads that will become significant in your life. It’s important to think about the long-term consequences of your decision because future opportunities hinge on it. Not making a decision is not an option.

You are empowered when you make choices that match your values and ethical systems. Be empowered to see the difference between what is true and what you want to believe is true.

Learn more about Choice here


Caught in the web,
No matter, if the cause is without
The answer to freedom lies within
Free yourself of negativity
Find your strength and claim your power

Entrapment represents those things that generate fear and hold us in bondage. The feeling may become so strong that it evokes a sense of despair that nothing will ever change. Entrapment may be the result of patterns of making poor relationship choices, addiction,

co-dependency or being intimidated by another.

You are empowered when you commit yourself to find a way out of the web and by taking responsibility to free yourself from the illusion. You are also empowered by asking for help out of the trap.

Learn more about Entrapment here.

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June Birth Stones

Since 1912 the “modern” birthstone list has been used by jewelers to define the month stones.

The mystical birthstone list is originally from Tibet and dates back over a thousand years.

The Ayurvedic birthstone list is the oldest, dating from 1500 B.C. in ancient India.

June is an unusual birthstone month in all three traditions. Modern, Mystical and Ayurvedic name both the pearl and moonstone as the birthstones options. Another stone, alexandrite is also listed as a June birthstone in some birthstone charts.

The pearl and moonstone are both connected to the moon in the sky and the Divine Feminine.


There are both fresh water and salt water pearls and, unless a pearl is a rare vintage, has been farmed.

Pearls are unusual in that they are created by a living being in the water. Perhaps because they are formed in the water and are fairly delicate, they are considered a feminine stone that is ruled by the moon and water.

As such, pearls are said to work with the lunar cycles to help balance the body’s natural rhythms and hormone levels. It is also said to help nurture true love, especially with discovering love and caring for your own self.

Pearls can calm emotions and quiet negative thoughts and feelings, anxiety and uneasiness.

Peals are often given as a gift of love to demonstrate loyalty and sincerity.

Moon Stone

Moonstone – The Romans believed that moonstone was formed from the light of the moon. In many parts of India the moonstone is still held sacred and holds special significance for lovers. In many cultures this stone is credited with bringing good fortune and protection for women and children.

Because of the relationship to the moon in the sky it’s been connected to women’s cycles and health issues, as well as with enhancing intuition and emotional healing.

Moonstone can be emotionally calming and help in releasing frustrations brought on by emotional triggers to clear the mind for taking appropriate action.

Moonstone can be a tool as you work to increase your intuition and psychic abilities.


Alexandrite is considered a “new” stone in that it was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1830 and was named for the former czar Alexander II.

Alexandrite is unusual in that the color changes according to the light. It can be red to violet in some light, and then the same stone can turn to green in a different light. Because it is such a rare and expensive stone there are many synthetic alexandrite gemstones on the market.

Alexandrite is said to be especially useful while working to heal the chakras and as a calming stone. Perhaps because of the magic of changing colors, Alexandrite is a joyful gem that prompts your imagination and can help you find emotional maturity as you become attuned to your inner voice.


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My Card for June

is Determination

The focus of Determiation will help me deal with the energy of Choices and Entrapment I’m likely to deal with on some level in the world and personally.


Now is the time to be in control and move forward
Drive the Chariot of

fast, rapid change
Use your intellect, trust your intuition
Stay focused and ride the wings of spirit


Draw your May card here.

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