June 2016

Judyth Sult’s June

2016 Empowerment Newsletter

Notes from J 

Happy Summer!

June marks the beginning of summer with more time outdoors, longer days, fresh fruits and vegetables, and playing in the water.

As I was beginning to write this newsletter I went to the free card draw on our Tarot of Empowerment website to see what energy would benefit me today. I drew the Strength card which is a good reminder to be gentle with myself, stay focused to meet the challenges of the day, and call on compassion. Throughout the day I will see how the energy of the Strength card will come up in my day. Click here to identify your Tarot of Empowerment card for the day.

We are entering the beginning of summer as noted by the Solstice on June 20 this year. The Solstice marks the longest day of light and the shortest day of dark in the year. Light represents growth and expansion. Read the suggestions below to maximize the benefits of the universal energy around this time.

Blessing and hugs,


What is your Choice?

June is the sixth month and the sixth card in the deck is Choice (Lovers in the traditional decks). When this card comes up it is a good time to evaluate if you are on the right track in your life. Are you living your life consistent with your values? Is it time for small or large corrections in the trajectory of your passions and goals?

What choices are you contemplating that will lead you to your highest good to bring harmony, balance, and attraction into your life? Will you decide to continue in the old way or will you do things in a fresh way? Choice is about recognizing and owning your belief system and the values upon which you make your decisions.

Choice is especially appropriate during the Solstice month as you review your goals, contemplate new directions and celebrate what you have accomplished. Decide what you are doing that brings you joy and growth. Be willing to release that which is a distraction from attaining what is in your highest and best good.

Actions of Empowerment

About twice a week I create a Facebook quote with suggestions for self-empowerment. Below is a summary of the posts from the last several weeks.

EMPOWERED NEW MOON (JUNE 5). Happy New Moon! Take time to look inside yourself and celebrate 3 things that are you. When you are going through transitions it’s good to acknowledge and own what is good that you want to keep and what to release. Everyone has at least 3 things that are good and worth keeping. What are yours?

CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Make a complete list of the changes you want to make and then prioritize that list. Select one change to make and create a second list that outlines steps you think you need to take to make that step come about. For example, if it’s financial security you want, then might want to make a detailed outline of your expenses and income.

    You may not want to take these steps, but outline ALL of the options on paper. Then you say the words of power to manifest your intention. By saying the words of power you are creating the space for new thoughts and creativity to come into your life. Be open to the unexpected. Make the words of power your mantra and repeat them several times a day. You will see the changes.

USE THE FULL MOON. In June the full moon will occur on the Solstice and is expecially powerful. The full moon is the time to shine the light in the dark places of your life and release that which no longer serves you. If you made a list of what you want to create during the last new moon on June 5 bring out the list, review it, and burn it. Burning your list releases the energy to manifest your desires in the universe.

    For those who did not make a list at the new moon, simply release any and all things that are holding your back from whatever you would like to call into your life (new job, healing, joy, relationship, prosperity or whatever). Be empowered to ask the Universe to manifest that which is in your highest and best good.

EMPOWER YOURSELF IN RELATIONSHIPS. All too often we allow ourselves to be victim to the opinions of others, thereby giving away our power. When you concentrate on the criticism rather than the positive, you run the risk of becoming a victim. Understand that there are many options in every situation. When facing disapproval, review the critique to see if there is value in the other person’s perspective and acknowledge the useful part of what they have to say. If the information is not supportive or productive respond neutrally by saying, “I hear your perspective.” Then, mentally package the information up and send it on the wings of release from your life.

    Refrain from engaging in gossip and being critical of the negative person. You can only change yourself, never another person. The more you think or talk about negativity the more power you give away. Whenever you think of her/him say, “release,” and imagine the words flying that energy away. Hold onto your power. You are not a victim.  

GET PAST OLD STORIES. A big obstacle to self empowerment is getting past the old stories that you carry in your head that belittle your self-worth. I don’t know why we always hang so tightly to those conversations that makes us feel bad. Here is an exercise many of my clients have found useful:

    For 3 days carry a notebook around and record those self conversations that attack your self-worth. For example, “I’m so dumb, I can’t do anything right,” “Ah, what an idiot I am,” “If I weren’t so [fat, lazy, worthless, etc] I would be happy.” You can put tick marks every time you repeat the comment, but do take note of each time the comment comes to mind. Now, see which comments you most frequently repeated and go back in your memory to identify who gave you that story.

    Speak to that person’s high self, even if they have passed on, and tell them how those comments have impacted your life. Then explain that you are changing your story and that the old story is not true, and may have never been true, and that you are taking your power back. Repeat this with each of the phrases and with each person who made you feel less than adequate. Replace the negative with a positive message, “I am good at [organizing, singing, care-taking, etc.] and find joy in life.

    Burn the paper with the negative words and say, “As this paper is transformed to ashes, so may I be transformed to an empowered, strong and graceful person.” After this ceremony you also need to change the habit of being a victim to the negative stories you believed for so long. When you catch yourself revisiting those negative messages say, “Release, you have no power over me, I am a good and empowered person.” You may need to do this several times a day in the beginning.

2 HOURS TO EMPOWERMENT. We are all responsible for our own lives. Sometimes we can’t control all of the circumstances, but we can practice controlling our reaction to the circumstances. You are empowered when you don’t allow circumstances to defeat your sense of who you are.

    Allow yourself 10 to 30 minutes of grief, anger or sadness. Then give yourself 3 to 5 minutes to release the negative feeling. Then give yourself 30 to 60 minutes to think about and perhaps write about what you are going to do to take your power back. The circumstances might involve physical pain management, emotional angst, mental confusion, or spiritual crisis.

    Whatever the cause, allow the feeling of loss, neutralize the pain, and get back your power! If you  need more help, ask the community here to assist you.

Need an Officiant?

There are many things to take into account when considering who will perform you wedding ceremony. Please contact me if you are looking for someone to create an individualized ceremony based on your beliefs and in alignment with your joy.

I have worked along with wedding planners and with couples who are planning their own ceremony. We will work as a team to ensure the ceremony reflects your values and desires.

June 20 – Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, the first day of summer. It relates to the element of fire,and represents masculine energy and issues.

There are many traditional rituals during the Solstice including bonfires, drumming and dancing. A  private ritual that may appeal to you is to place jewelry and sacred objects in a place to absorb and be cleansed by the sunlight.

As fire is the element of the solstice light a candle in acknowledgment of that energy. Make a list of those things for which you hold gratitude. Review your goals and evaluate your progress in achieving those goals. Use this expansive time to set new goals.

Celebrate this time of light by raising your energy to call in abundance and manifest your dreams. The celebration is an opportunity to tap into what is eternal – both the physical sun and the fire of spirit.

Why Use a Major Arcana Only Deck?

I’ve been reading Tarot for over 30 years using an assortment of 78 or 79 card Tarot decks. When Gordana Curgus and I created the Tarot of Empowerment Major Arcana deck I assumed I would read with it until we finished the Minor Arcana. However, since using this deck I have found that the readings are more powerful and straight-forward than any other Major/Minor deck I’ve used – and others have reported their readings are also right on every time.

Here’s how to do an empowered reading no matter if you’re an expert or a novice. For most readings, limit the number of cards to about seven.

1. Be clear about the information you want the cards to tell you. A question tells you the framework to which the cards are responding. Form a question that helps you create a plan of action. Knowing what to do is empowering.

2. Assign the purpose to each card in relation to the question. For example, the theme of the reading, the best course of action, the challenge, my true desires, etc.

3. Interpret each card in the context of your question and the purpose you have assigned to the card. 

In a Major Arcana reading EVERY card is significant.

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