July 2021

Judyth Sult’s July 2021

Empowerment Newsletter

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Notes from J

Summer is really here!

This month’s universal month is a 3. This number is about communication, or using your voice to create the change you would like to see in your life or your community. Are you speaking the truth? Are you being heard?

This is a good time to work with your chakras to feel open and creative. I believe that when your chakras are balanced, you are truly in harmony with your angels and guides, and that’s a wonderful place to be.

The Tarot reading for July is an overview of what to anticipate in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual world. This is a reading that you can do to discover your personal energy for this month.

The moon cycles are consistent with making changes to find freedom through connections with your higher self.

Celebrate the joy of self and your place in the world.



Healing Your Chakras                      Coaching Corner

As an empowerment coach and Reiki healer, I often look for energy blocks that my clients may be experiencing. As you lie in bed in the morning, get in the habit of reviewing your chakras to determine where you need to pay attention. Balancing your chakras can help you feel safe, open, and creative. For more complete information, I’ve linked each chakra to articles I published in past newsletters

The first chakra, the root chakra is located at the base of your spine and resonates to the color red. Issues for the Root chakra revolve around safety and survival and help to connect you to earth. When this chakra is out of balance, go out in nature, hug a tree, or move your body.

The second chakra, the sacral chakra, is located just below the naval and resonates to the color orange. The issues that come up with this chakra are related to the sexual organs. This chakra relates to creativity and sensuality. When you have difficulty feeling creative, open your hips, get into water, or eat orange foods.

The third chakra, in the solar plexus, responds to the color yellow. The issues related to the third chakra have to do with how confident you are in the world. If this chakra feels blocked, make a list of your goals and create steps to take and a timeline to complete the goals.

The fourth chakra is located in the heart and relates to the color green. The heart chakra is related to relationships, compassion, and forgiveness. To heal this chakra, state your feelings of gratitude and practice forgiveness.

The fifth chakra is located in the throat and is associated with the color blue. This chakra relates to finding your voice and speaking your truth. To heal your 5th Chakra, sit quietly and put your attention individually on each of the first four Chakras. Determine where there might be issues in the lower chakras and ascertain how they impact your communication.

The sixth chakra is often referred to as the third eye and is located in the middle of the forehead and responds to the color indigo. The sixth chakra relates to intuition and spiritual living. An unbalanced 6th Chakra can have you feeling spacy. Try meditation, Reiki, or being in nature.

The seventh chakra is located just above the head and is referred to as the crown chakra. This chakra is related to the color violet and helps to connect your physical body to your spiritual being. To bring this chakra into balance talk to your guides, tell them what you want at this stage of your life, and ask them to help you.

July Reading

For the July Tarot reading, I asked the cards for the theme of the month and how we will be affected physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. My interpretation of the reading is below.

Theme: July will be a time of preparing for change. The Wheel of Fortune in a reversed position suggests there will be inevitable change, but the change will not be complete by month’s end.

Physical world: New Perspectives suggests that there will be new information to the public that will change the way many people think about the world as we experience it. Perhaps a new perspective on climate change.

Emotional world: The reversed Moon card indicates that there will be confusion about what is real and what is an illusion. Fear can get in the way of learning the truth.

Mental world: The Justice card intimates that legal issues will be receiving a lot of attention during the month of July. To have Justice, the rules must be followed.

Spiritual world: Awakening is the “aha” card. She is separating from the old rules, structures, and limitations. She awakens to the celebration of what she has accomplished. Our connection to spirit will be strong.

You are welcome to use this spread to read what the month has in store for you. If you don’t have your own cards you can go to TarotofEmpowerment.com and pull the cards online.

Numerology: July is a Universal 3 month

You find the Universal month by adding the number associated with the month, which is 7 in July, to the number of the Universal year, 2021. (7+5=12, which reduces to 3)

The energy of 3 is about communication, which can be positive or challenging. This is a good month for you to become acutely aware of what, and how, you are communicating, as well as how you are receiving communication from others.

You can expect that you might find yourself finally getting around to heart-to-heart talks that you have been putting off. Or you may find that others confront you by bringing up unresolved issues they have with you. July can end up being an emotional month that is exciting and creative, stressful and upsetting, or a combination of all.

Here are some things to keep in mind this month:

1.    Am I communicating with care and compassion?

2.    Is the information I’m receiving backed up with valid facts?

3.    Am I listening as well as speaking?


July 9, New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer is a great time to set your intention to create positive change, including a deeper connection with your higher self. Look at your life to determine if it would benefit you to free yourself from organizations, relationships, or habits. Expect that you will be more intuitive and capable to creatively address problems that may come up.

July 23, Full Moon in Aquarius

This Aquarius full moon represents social responsibility, humanitarianism, and freedom. During this time you can expect to identify what makes you feel restricted and how to break free of those restraints. For many there will be a desire to take action to change habits and behaviors that will transform your lives.

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