July 2019

Rev. Judyth Sult’s July Empowerment Newsletter

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Notes from J

Over the last several years I’ve been asked to write a book about rituals. My first thought was that I didn’t think I had that many rituals to share. You see, I often go into a zone when giving a ritual and, unless I write it down then, I may forget it. Several friends got together and shared rituals I had given them over the last 30 years. I’m becoming convinced that I have given more rituals to people than I realize and I’d like your help.

So, here’s what you can do for me. Please respond to this newsletter or email me at judythsult@gmail.com if I have given you a ritual in the past. I invite you to tell me if it was effective, if you changed it, or if it changed something in your life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance.

Reminder: I will be offering a class, How to Communicate with your Guides on August 17 and 18 near La Connor, WA. Some people call them Guides, others call them Angels, but whatever you call them, these entities are here to guide you to make decisions for your highest good. This fun filled 2-day class will offer techniques to better communicate with these helpful beings. A workbook will be included. We’ll use tools such as Tarot, Pendulums, Runes and coins. I’ll have many decks and options and you are welcome bring tools you might have. Plan to journal! Please contact me for details.



Coaching Corner

What to do when you can’t hear your Guides

People often tell me their guides don’t speak to them or they can’t hear them. Below are the 3 most common blocks to hearing your guides. I can assure you, they do want to communicate with you, play with you and help you through life. That’s why you are here together – and every one of you has at least one angel/guide.

1. You are not listening with an open heart because you have a lack of trust and insist on rationalizing when you get a response.

Solution: Ask your guides to help you build up trust. Ask for a sign and then pay attention to what is going on around you that could be a sign. When I drove across country with a friend last year there were always 2 hawks in the sky overhead. It took us a day or two to realize they were our animal totems for the journey. Take note when you think they may be communicating with you or guiding you and thank them for being there for you. Pay attention to what you are asking for and then pay attention to the results. Remember to ask out loud – the vibrations of your voice help the process.

2. You are in such negative energy you cannot hear your guides.

Solution: Take the time to be quiet and still. Negativity feeds on itself and can become so huge that you see no other option. Negative energy can cause pain and illness. Ask your guides to come to you to lead you away from the negative energy. Be sure you are not ignoring the small light in the darkness. Go to that light and allow it to build. Breathe deeply and ask for a sign from your angels/guides that things will get resolved. Pay attention to what comes next, the solution may not be your first desire, but look at the truth of the message.

3. You are not hearing the information you want to hear so you second guess or argue with the guides.

Solution: Be honest with yourself about the information that is coming your way. If it’s time to make a change but you keep staying in the same situation you may feel that your guides are not communicating when, in fact, they are telling you to leave. A client had a relationship that was not in her highest and best good, but she didn’t want to leave the relationship. When she stilled her thoughts she was given the image of what her potential would be outside of her relationship. She then had the courage to end the negative relationship.

Practice, practice communicating, thanking, playing and singing with your guides and you will become more aware of them with greater frequency.

More coaching articles can be found at JudythSult.com.

Upcoming Events

July 20 Tarot and Numerology Readings, 10am to 4pm Center for Spiritual Living 2224 Yew St. Rd, Bellingham, WA.

August 17, 18 Communicate with Your Guides, contact JudythSult@gmail for more information.

Schedule a private Tarot/Numerology Reading: JudithSult@gmail.com

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Cards for July

July (7th month)

Determination (Chariot in traditional decks) and Chaos (Tower in traditional decks) are opposite sides of the same number, which is 7. Determination is about creating the intention to strive towards your highest and best self. When you take control with the best of intentions the change will be fast but controlled.

Chaos comes when you refuse to take the responsibility for the change needed to achieve your highest and best good. If you are unwilling to make the changes, the universe will provide the chaos to make change happen


Now is the time to be in control and move forward

Drive the Chariot of fast, rapid change

Use your intellect, trust your intuition

Stay focused and ride the wings of spirit


You are empowered to have faith in yourself and the decisions you need to make and to travel with your personal beliefs and values as your compass.


Upheaval, destruction, transformation

The structure of my life is revolutionized

Show me the pieces of truth and wisdom

To rebuild new foundations in my life

Recognize that the old forms need to be destroyed for you to move forward. Accept that the upheaval is out of your control but that you can create new opportunities from the destruction.

For Full interpretations go to Tarotofempowerment.com

New Moon, July 2, in Cancer

1. Shadow Cancer can seek emotional closeness in order to feel needed which can cause others to feel emotionally manipulated & smothered.

2. Another shadow Cancer tendency is to live in the past by day dreaming and pining for the good ol’ days escaping into bouts of nostalgia to avoid dealing with present challenges & opportunities that are asking us to grow emotionally.

3. Finally, another Cancer shadow trait you may witness in yourself or a loved one is an attempt to ensure homeland security, building a wall around oneself like a crab shell in an effort to feel secure emotionally…this only creates division and potential conflict. https://themoonwoman.com/

Full Moon, July 16, will feature in Capricorn. The period of the Full Moon is one of rich rewards for your hard work and dedication. If however, you are feeling lost, the Full Moon Lunar cycle will bring you clarity and new insights into the life path you should embark on. July Full Moon in Capricorn is an inspirational and encouraging Lunar event that will call us to move forward and chase our goals. https://my.astrofame.co