July 2015

Judyth Sult’s July 2015 Newsletter

Notes from J

I hope June was a good month for each of you and that July will be as good or better. A major enjoyment for me in June was the annual Stommish Water Celebration with the Lummi nation.

In the United States, July is the month to celebrate independence. Empowerment and independence are strong allies. An empowered person is one who has the confidence to act independently in her or his best interest. Since a major obstacle to self worth is a lack of confidence, this newsletter is focusing on how to become empowered to act in your highest and best interests.

A lack of self worth keeps many from claiming their desires. The lack might show up in relationships, work, money or general fulfillment in life. Karen Crane, wise friend and peer, posts daily Wisdom Work for Women on Facebook. A recent posting by her captured my attention for how well it contributes to the empwerment conversation. (Men can learn a lot too)

Many of you have asked me to develop a workshop about reading with Major Arcana only. I’ll be offering a workshop in Bellingham on August 22 and in Portland September 6. Please look at the events for the rest of my schedule. I am putting together a schedule of workshops I’ll be doing around the country.

Please contact me if you want me to come to your area to do a workshop and private readings. My workshops emphasize how to use Tarot to increase your self-worth by becoming empowered for your highest good.

On a related note, I’m excited about developing a Major Arcana workbook that will lead you to discover how to formulate empowering questions, the numeric relationship between the cards, how the card interpretations vary depending on placement in a reading, and sample spreads Major Arcana spreads.

Enjoy this blessed time of warmth and joy,


Take your Tarot readings to a New Level
in this Major Arcana Workshop

Experienced readers as well as newbies will benefit from this interactive, fun workshop.

Major Arcana readings are deeply profound and get to the core of the issue.

Students will learn:
Why all Major Arcana cards are positive.
What is an empowering question to get information that can be used.
How to create layouts for different issues for your own style of reading.

Judyth will give sample readings during the class and demonstrate how the cards can lead to positive action.

Students will receive a workbook with exercises and content that goes extends beyond the class.
Major Arcana from any Tarot deck are welcome.
Tarot of Empowerment Limited Collector Edition sets will be available at a special price.

All levels welcome.
When: August 22, 2015, noon to 5pm
Where: Orca Sanctuary behind Wise Awakening
Why: To learn fresh techniques and interpretations.

Are You Worth it?

Don’t be too quick to claim the stories that you believe about your life, they can easily become blocks to creating the future you want for yourself. The stories often justify actions and support your dis-empowerment. In these times of transformation, think about your stories and re-write them to empower yourself. The point of power is now, and now you can create a story-foundation that will support the new, empowered you.
                                                    – Karen Crane: Wisdom Work for Women

Karen’s words are so true. People often say things that lead to us feeling unworthy to accept love, money, success or joy, yet we adopt them as our story. It’s not possible to be empowered when we don’t feel worthy to claim what life has to offer.

Empowerment is about disengaging from the stories that create low self-esteem and to accept that it is our right to claim all of the majesty of life. To become empowered we need to take responsibility for our lives rather than passively accepting what comes our way. We can’t always control what life brings, but we can learn to respond from different perspectives.

You are worthy. You are worth the best that life has to offer.

Believing negative stories that others tell us about ourselves allows their perception to influence how we are in the world. Learning to reinterpret our own story from a new perspective gives us the freedom to respond in a way that we would like to become.

Over the years I’ve learned to listen to different stories from people who love and support me and now I can accept that I am more the empowered, positive person I want to be. Don’t listen to the people who don’t love you.  Listen to the people who do care.

We often don’t recognize where in our life we feel unworthy. Below is an exercise to help you identify where you lack self-esteem and how to connect with empowering changes.

Do the work. You are worth it!

1.     Pick an area in your life where you experience a lack of fulfillment or joy. Now, write down the feeling or beliefs you have about this part of your life. For example:

I feel unattractive, therefore I don’t deserve someone to love me.

I don’t have money because only selfish people have money.

I can’t improve my work (school, home) situation because this is the best I can do.

2.      Look at each of those points and identify the story behind these feelings. For example,

I was teased about my looks many years ago.

My parents were poor and were jealous of those who had money.

I was encouraged to make decisions to benefit others rather than myself.  

3.      Make a list of where and from whom, you heard these stories. Acknowledge the beliefs had a hold on you and release them into the universe by burning the paper. Burning transforms the energy.

4.      Now, decide how you want to rewrite your beliefs and make a list of what beliefs you WANT to be true about yourself. Acknowledge and embrace those beliefs. Put this list in a safe place and periodically review what you have written.

5.      Finally, practice your new beliefs about yourself.

Get out of the habit of believing the negative and embrace who you want to become. Call in the energy to support your new beliefs. Every time you catch yourself reacting in the old paradigm again, release the old and firmly replace it with the new paradigm.

You are worth it. Let me know how this works for you.

More Wisdom Works for Women can be seen on facebook at Karen D Crane or she can be reached at KCsoul53@yahoo.com

3 Card Empowerment


Click on my photo to see a 5 minute video  reading about empowerment.

Card 1 represents what I need to draw into my life to be empowered at this time.

Card 2 represents the energy for how to work with card 1.

Card 3 represents the challenge to working successfully with card 1.


July 25, Conscious Wellness Expo, 10 am to 4pm, Kent Commons. Free

August 14-16, readings by Appointment, in  San Jose at the Double Tree near the airport. Appointments are required. Contact me through email for information.

August 22, Bellingham Major Arcana Workshop, Orcas Sanctuary behind Wise Awakening from noon – 5pm. Pre-registration required.

September 6 Portland, OR,  Workshop and readings, New Renassaince Bookstore. Contact New Renassaince at (503) 224-4929. 

Comments are welcome at JudythSult [at] gmail.com