July 2014

Judyth Sult’s July 2014 Newsletter

                           Notes from J

Yay! We’re so excited to bring you greeting cards!

We’ve used photo corners to attach the Tarot card to the front of a greeting card. The inside is blank for your personal message, and there is a short poem on the back that relates to the cards. 

Our new Tarot of Empowerment cards: Death, Wheel of Fortune, and Magician.  

In spite of the wonderful weather I’ve found myself grumpy. That’s not empowerment. (See article below)

This Wednesday, July 2, Elke Macartney will be my guest of Tarot of Empowerment Radio. Elke is a Shaman and Aura Seerer. She has been teaching and healing for more than 20 years and will have many insights about how your aura can tell you about your life purpose. You become empowered when you understand your life purpose. The show is live at 6, and you can call in with questions. Listen live or listen later.

I’m gearing up for a 2-day class on Becoming Who You Want to Be in the fall. The class targets people who don’t know what they want to become, or they know but don’t know how to get there. As will all of my classes, one aspect of the class will be about communicating with your angels and guides, and I’ll use Tarot cards. I’ll have a full deck of Tarot of Empowerment major arcana for the class. Class size is limited, so let me know if you are interested.

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New Cards from Tarot of Empowerment





Call in the new

Be with the One


Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Bring me your power

Manifest my magic to do good

I call on Spirit to ignite my soul

What is empowerment?

(I recently used ths outline for a presentation about empowerment)

Empowerment is the ability to make choices and take actions based on those choices while understanding the consequences of those actions.

Have clarity of purpose

Make decisions

Take responsibility for your actions

What empowerment is NOT

Power over others



How to become empowered

Make goals

Investigate options

Expand your awareness

Grumpiness is Not Empowerment

I’ve been a bit snarky to my wonderful husband lately. Could be I’m over extended, or maybe it’s about adjusting to more together time now that he has just completed his first year as a retired person. In any case, I need to remind myself that, whatever is going on with me, I do not have permission to be less than kind to those around me, especially my supportive, caring mate.

To truly be empowered, we need to be able to express our emotions in a way that is honest and honors the other person. Be truthful about what you want to say, and then say it in a way that invites discussion. Look at the motivations behind the language and tone of voice you are using, and then imagine you are the recipient of the conversation.

When you imagine you are the one listening, how does it feel? If it feels good and clean, then it’s probably empowered communication.

Wheel of Fortune

Spin, spin

Embrace change

Bring good fortune

Spin, Spin

Tarot of Empowerment Radio

July 2 special guest

Elke Macartney,

Shaman and Aura Seer

Your Aura and Life Purpose

Call (347) 205-9869

Wednesday, June 4, 6PM Pacific Time

Call for a reading in person, by phone, or on Skype.

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See all of the Tarot of Empowerment cards here.