January 2018

Judyth Sult’s January 2018 Empowerment Newsletter

Notes from J

Welcome to 2018!

I wish the very best for you, our country and the world as we move through potentially dangerous times. I pray that each of us will hold the energy for the light of wisdom, compassion and understanding.

I ask the leaders of the world to practice patience and understanding with the goal of acting in accordance for the good of all.

My prayer wheel is open for your prayers. You may email me your prayers and I will spin the wheel to spread your prayers throughout the world.



A New Year Ritual

Rituals shift our state of mind through structured symbolic acts. Carl Jung said that symbols are the language of the soul as they connect to the intuitive rather than the rational mind. The purpose of empowerment rituals is to connect with what is in our highest and best good. As we perform rituals to manifest a job, romance, or a new home we are calling on our super conscious to bring the cosmic energy into alignment to create our desire.

I’ve been told that the first twelve days of a new year are the most important to pay attention to what we want to manifest for the new year. Pay attention to how you answer the questions below, revisit and update them during the twelve days. Clean out your drawers and closets, getting rid of the old.

  • What brought you joy in 2017?
  • What lessons did you learn in 2017?
  • Where did you experience grief during 2017?
  • What do you want to release from the old year?
  • Who do you want to help this year?
  • How do you want to play in 2018?
  • Where do you want to experience growth in 2018?
  • What do you want to manifest in 2018?
  • How will you affirm you are worthy of what you want to manifest?

Burn what you want to release and keep your hopes for the future. Happy New Year!

The Energy for 2018

2018 is a two universal year (2+0+1+8=11, 1+1=2) that resonates with three cards: the High Priestess, Justice and Awakening (Judgment in traditional Tarot).

The High Priestess energy accesses spiritual enlightenment and inner illumination. The High Priestess has an evolved inner knowing that is associated with feminine powers such as intuition, serenity and psychic awareness. She draws on the secrets and unspoken wisdom in the universe. She understands the mysteries of this world as well as beyond.

The High Priestess represents the highest moral standard, which stands above the manmade law. You connect to the High Priestess through your high self by engaging your intuition, meditation, dreams.

In Tarot of Empowerment the High Priestess is serene as she naturally draws on her intuition to contemplate the True Law of the universe. Her brooch alights, mirroring the heart fire that represents genuine wisdom. Her wisdom engages the intellect as well as intuition. The High Priestess reflects the majesty of the ultimate feminine power.

Another card that represents two in Tarot is Justice (1+1=2). While the High Priestess is the highest moral law, Justice is the highest man made law. Justice is about making a decision, or being judged, based on the rules in a given situation. It’s important to understand what the rules are because the fairness of decisions will be based upon them. Unlike the highest moral laws of the High Priestess, the laws of Justice are manmade.

Justice is often referred to as the “karma card” because all actions have consequences. It is a reminder that the established rules affect the present, as the present rules will affect the future. Everyone must be following the same rules for decisions and outcomes to be fair.

The third card that resonates with the number two is Awakening. Awakening represents the choice to move beyond the limitations of the past and ascend to a higher life purpose. This card represents a shift in consciousness that releases old paradigms of consciousness and dogma that restrict or compromise the authentic self.

Awakening often indicates a time of reaching a knowingness that is beyond those around you. This card is about listening to your higher self by using a combination of reasoning and intuition.

The number 2 represents partnership (enlightenment and inner illumination) and balance. People in a 2 Personal Year are open to new relationships and opportunities that embrace harmony, balance, and cooperation. During a 2 year, when a person is out of balance or in a disagreeable relationship, the person may become depressed because they are not able to act with the 2 energy. The 2 year is an excellent year to build on the new beginnings from the 1 year.

You can calculate your personal year by adding the day and month of your birth to 2018. You do not use the year you were born.

Services I offer


This is what I provide:

  • Two 1 hour consultations per month. The consultations will be by phone or in-person and can be broken up into half hour segments if preferred. Empowerment exercises developed specifically for you to address the goals we identified in the first meeting.
  • A response within 48 hours to every Life exercise and assignment you submit.
  • Unlimited brief email and/or phone responses throughout the month as you request.

This is what you provide:

  • Keep me updated about the issues we discuss.
  • Complete your assigned exercises.
  • Keep our agreed upon appointment schedule.

The number of people I mentor at any one time is limited and I have 1 space open at this time.

Reiki healing

I’ve been a Reiki master for over 20 years and a Therapeutic Touch healer before that . Energy healing is a clothes-on healing that takes place on a massage table. Subtle energy is transfered through my hands to your body.

Reiki can be used to

  • Promote natural self-healing
  • Balance the energies in the body
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Treat symptoms and causes of illness
  • Relieve pain
  • Relax and reduce stress and grief.

Empowerment Tarot readings

  • Empowerment is being willing to look at your life and identify the changes you want to make to yourself, for yourself.
  • Empowerment is being willing to release people, situations, and ideas that are not in your highest good.
  • Empowerment is being willing to push boundaries and explore new thoughts and actions.
  • Empowerment is having the courage to walk in the fog of the unknown until you have clarity.

Weddings and ceremonies

As a Reverand I can officiate at weddings and other life celebrations. I work with clients to create memorable ceremonies that reflects their values.

All ceremoneis are non-denominational.


I offer classes such as “Becoming Who You Want to Be”, “Forgiving Others, Healing Yourself”, “Learn to Manifest”,  “Connecting to your Guides”, “Tarot as a Tool of Empowerment”.



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Full Moon January 1

New Moon Jauary 16

Full Moon Janauary 31

January has two full moons, the second of which is called the blue moon.

The Energy for January

January is the first month of the year and resonates with the number 1. The 1 energy is independent, shows leadership, and begins new projects.

Tarot cards that resonate with 1 are the Magician, Wheel of Fortune and the Sun.


Earth, Air, Water, Fire
Bring me your power
Manifest my magic to do good
I call on Spirit to ignite my soul

Wheel of Fortune

Spin, spin
Embrace change
Bring good fortune
Spin, Spin

Shine with confidence
Believe the promise of success
Seize your place in the Universe
Go for it!

Card for the World in January

I drew a card on behalf of the world for January and got Chaos.

According to Chaos (Tower in traditional decks) January will be a time of sudden and unexpected change. This card does not mean that something awful is going to happen, but there wil be upheavel in order to make room for the new.