January 2014

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Judyth Sult’s January Newsletter

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                     Notes from J


Welcome to 2014!

Meet my bright, witty daughter, Lauren, who will be co-hosting our radio show, Tarot of Empowerment on Wednesdays beginning January 8 at 6pm PST on the empowerYOU Radio network. See the meaning of the Tarot cards of 7 below.

This is a 7 universal year (2014 adds up to 7). The 7 year is about analysis and understanding and is often a time of quiet reflection. Part of analysis is that it leads to making choices and choices lead to decisions that lead to change (whew). It seems that thoughtful, quiet reflection is certainly something the world can use! You can find the interpretation for your personal year (your birth day+month+2014) by linking to last month’s article here.

My personal year is a 5 which is about new opportunities and adventures. My first opportunity is my new radio program, Tarot of Empowerment, with my daughter Lauren, on January 8 and will continue every Wednesday at 6pm PST.

My adventures include trips I have planned starting with one to California next week and one to China from late March to late April.  I hope you find the best of what your personal year has to offer.

Artist Gordana Curgus and I have decided to change the name of our new deck to Tarot of Empowerment. We want people to recognize that they can become empowered to make the best possible life decisions when they use the deck. We hope to show you new cards and have an update on the new website in the next month.

Hugs and blessings to you all,


PS: The winner for this month’s reading is Clair Will!

Header Image:  Sunset on Chuckanut in January

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Universal Energy for 2014

The Universal year is based on the total of the numbers in the year, so, 2014=2+0+1+4=7.

In Tarot, the Chariot, 7, and the Tower, 16, carry the energy of the 7 universal year.

These cards suggest that there will be alot of universal change in 2014. The Chariot (7) is about staying focused on goals and the pathway while moving at high speed. Driving the Chariot requires understanding of the final destination. The challenge is for the driver to not become distracted and

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Dear Judyth,

I’m at a loss about what to do with my job situation. Please help. My birhday is 11/1. Diane

Dear Diane,

Your personal year, based on your birthdate, is a 1 energy. In the Tarot the 1 energy is represented by 3 cards: the Magician 1 (manifesting something new), the Wheel of Fortune 10 (change), and

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