December 2019


Judyth Sult’s December Empowerment Newsletter

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Notes from J

December is always so busy and often very tense. How to deal with the pressures of pleasing, buying, feeding, partying and eating? In addition, the rainy weather, dark clouds and infrequent sunshine in the Pacific Northwest make it appear that the sun may never appear again. Actually, after the Winter Solstice on December 22 the days really do get longer, so keep the faith!

The card for the 12th month is New Perspective, which I find very fitting. You’ll discover it’s about setting new patterns and evaluating what o keep and release. The numerology and Tarot will help you become aware of what is in your highest and best good to carry over into 2020.It’s very important that you take care of yourself all the time, but especially at this time as the pressures of the holidays and changing seasons are upon us. Be empowered to do something nice for YOURSELF this season, too. You are worth it.

I’m excited to announce I’ll be offering the Discover Your Personal Year for 2020 Numerology Workshop on Saturday, January 4, 2-4pm at Vision Quest in Everett. You will learn how to calculate your personal year for the current year and I’ll also give each person a brief reading for how their personal year relates to their personal year. Call (425) 252-1591 to reserve space.


Coaching Corner

Tools for 2020 – Tarot and Numerology

The month of December is a great time to prepare for the New Year. By combining your personal year with a Tarot reading you will be able to anticipate the energy you are likely to encounter in 2020.

Each year carries its own energy. The current calendar year is referred to as the Universal year. You determine the numeric energy of the Universal year by adding all of the numbers and reducing the final number to a single digit. The year 2020 is a 4 year. The instructions for calculating your personal year are below. You simply add your birth day and month to the personal year.

The Tarot layout lets you know what energy is important for you to release, as well as the energy you will most benefit to call to yourself in 2020.

Using tools, such as Numerology and Tarot can be very empowering. The tools guide you to the energy and actions that are the most beneficial to live consciously.

     New Year Reading for 2020

                    Card 1

        My Major Theme for the Year

Card 2                         Card 3

What do I leave         What do I open

behind in 2020?         up to in 2020?

Card 4                        Card 5

What is my key         What is the key

opportunity of          challenge of

2020?                      2020?

Card 6                       Card 7

What energy          What will

will help me          help me meet

find my                  my challenge?



Calculate You Personal Year for 2020

It’s that time of year to prepare for how the energy in 2020 is likely to affect you. Every January the theme of your energy changes according to the vibration of the numbers for that year. The number of the universal year (our calendar year, such as 2020) is determined by adding all of the digits in the year: 2+0+2+0=4.

The energy for an 4 year is about issues of expansiveness, adventure, new opportunities. The universal year is the broadest numerological theme in the year that applies to everyone. Use the calculations below to find your personal energy in an 4 personal year. Your individual personal year is calculated by adding your birth day and month to the universal year. The numbers are reduced to a single digit and added up. For example, a September 23 birthday would look like this:

9+23+2020= birth month+birth day+current year

9+5+4=9. Thus, 9 is the personal year for this birthday.

The numerology explanations are below.

1 – People in a 1 personal year are planting the seeds for the next 9 year cycle. This is a year with many new opportunities and activities. The 1 energy is likely to be a year of leadership and initiative.

2 – People in a 2 personal year are open to new relationships and opportunities that embrace harmony, balance and cooperation. During a 2 year, when a person is out of balance or in a disagreeable relationship, the person may become depressed because they are not able to act on the 2 energy. The 2 year is an excellent year to build on the new beginnings from the 1 year.

3 – People in a 3 personal year feel expansive and open to new adventures. This is very much “play time” as people in the 3 energy explore the meaning of joy in their lives. Three energy is very creative, especially in art and writing. It’s important to distinguish between creativity and frivolousness.

4 – A 4 personal year is time to focus after the playfulness of the 3 year. It is a year of focus and creating a foundation for the future. It can be considered a “maze” year as the people in this year seem to have more obstacles than usual. As they come to a block, they must learn to change directions to find a new route rather than run into a brick wall.

5 – People in a 5 personal year often feel great relief after the constrictions of the 4 year. The 5 personal year is full of exploration and working beyond the constraints of the 4 year. Many new opportunities present themselves, and it’s important to be able to finish some of the many projects that will be tempted to begin.

6 – The 6 personal year is usually pretty smooth, even as the person is likely to be focused on responsibility and service, especially to family. People in this year are focused on home and what home means: who they want in the home, where home is, what home means. People must beware of taking on so much responsibility so that the sense of individuality is lost.

7 – The 7 personal year is the time to spend analyzing and to understand what their life is about. The seven year is about choices, often unexpected ones. It is a time to pause, consider, reflect, evaluate and decide. Intuition is important in the 7 year.

8 – The 8 personal year is about status and money. It’s often the perfect time for people to explore new employment opportunities, apply for promotions and evaluate their general financial situation. Many people start a new business in an 8 year after the 7 year of analyzing and evaluating the wisdom of such a move.

9 – The 9 year is the end of the cycle that started in the 1 year. People may find they are cleaning out closets, relationships, and anything else that no long serve them. As a part of the completion cycle they may find that giving to others, financially or emotionally, becomes important to them.

11 – The 11 is a master number and indicates a year with the potential to open the person to a high vibration that allows greater intuitive ability. The 11 energy is difficult to sustain and it reduces to a 2 energy and that vibration is generally more comfortable for most people.

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Card for December, the 12th Month

                                                                                 New Perspective

You have the knowing

Explore new perspectives

Surrender to enlightenment

Prepare for initiation

Dream your new world

Transformation comes in divine timing

When New Perspective comes up in a reading, it suggests that you pause before making a decision. This is the time for you to question your old beliefs before moving towards your future direction. You are counseled to be open to new outlooks and attitudes from unexpected places and to be willing to surrender the old. Be patient with yourself, and know that it takes time to review all of the points of view.

You are empowered by examining your options from fresh, unfamiliar sources before deciding on your course of action that will lead to initiation of spirit to a higher level of consciousness. This is the time for you to dream a new world.

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December cycles

Full Moon, December 12 in Gemini – Expect adventures and unexpected, spontaneous information that energizes our vision for the future.

December 22, Winter Solstice – Day and night are of equal length. There is a cosmic balance between dark and light. Keep the faith that the light is indeed returning.

New Moon, December 26, Capricorn – This is an intense time to be organized and responsible as you set your sites on your goals!

Reminder: Personal Year Numerology class from 2-pm at Vision Quest, 6915 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA (425) 252-1591.