August 2019


Rev. Judyth Sult’s August Empowerment Newsletter

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Notes from J

This last month Larry and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with our families. Anyone who knows Larry understands why we have been married so long. He’s handsome, funny, intelligent, gentle and kind.

I’ve been asked how we’ve been able to still find joy and romance over the years, so here’s a rundown on what’s worked for us.

1. Our vows were to Love, Honor and Compromise. To obey would imply that one person would have power over the other.

2. We have encouraged each other to be empowered to achieve our dreams and to become more of who we are because we have the support of the other.

3. We respect the contribution of the other and appreciate how those skills support our relationship.

4. We decide each year if we want to “keep doing this,” and if we do want to, state why we want to stay together.

5. Every day we say, and mean, that we love each other.

To love another means you must accept that you are a good person worthy of love. So begin the journey of partnership by acknowledging that you love yourself.

Blessing and hugs,


Coaching Corner

Bring Balance into Your Life

In Tarot of Empowerment the card Temperance is about acknowledging, honoring and balance all aspects of your life. When Temperance comes up in a reading I suggest that the person write down all of the roles she currently plays in her life. Then divide them into categories of Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit.

1. On a piece of paper create a grid with 4 sides and label each square with one of the areas of mind, body, spirit and emotions. Every day for a week note what you are doing for yourself in each area. What areas of your life satisfy your connection to the physical world? How do you engage your relationship to spirit? What stimulates you mentally? Are your emotional needs being met?

2. Balance is a temporary state and must be constantly reconfigured as our situation changes. Balance is different for everyone so write a definition of what it looks like for you. Is it comforting? Is it boring? Is it what you want to achieve?

3. Create what next step you will strive towards in each area.

When you find balance you will become more creative and productive and your stress level will go down.

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August 1, Mercury goes direct, but we’ll still be in the shadow for a few days.

August 2, Lamas Day, see ritual below

August 15, Full moon in Aquarius

August 30, New moon in Virgo

August Ritual: Lamas is an ancient Pagan/early Christian celebration for the first harvest. During the month of August, celebrate the food, the farmers, the workers, and the suppliers. Invite friends to a potluck and share stories about the food being served. Recall favorite recipes, tell stories about growing food, and introduce a new food to yourself and your friends. Thank a farmer. (Ari, thank you!)

Cards for August 8th Month


Grace is your strength

Be gentle as you tame the wild beasts

Use compassion and healing powers for all

Draw on the strength of your naked truth

Be strong

You are empowered to meet challenges with the self-assurance and calm that disarms those with whom you may find yourself engaged in a conflict.


Believe that your are the Star

Open to divine inspiration

Know you will succeed

Good things are coming

You are empowered to believe in your dreams and the fulfillment of your destiny. Find the flow and work with it. Release your fears and be open to inspiration.

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Numerology August

August is the 8th month of the year and the energy of 8 is about issues around power and money. Although August is an 8, each year the energy of the month changes because you add the 8 to the current year. In 2019, August has the energy of a 2 month (add 8 for the month plus 3 for 2019, which equals 11, and then reduce to 2). Between the energy of the 8 and 2, the influence of this next month is going to be around issues of balance, especially the balance between money and power.

My prediction for August is that there will be more power struggles between the branches of the US government, and internationally there will be additional confrontations about tariffs.for