August 2014

Judyth Sult’s August 2014 Newsletter

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This is picture of me in Lucy, our “new” Chariot. She is a 20’, 1992 Tioga RV. We took her out for our first trip as I was putting together this newsletter. Something we are learning (that experienced RV owners know) is that everything must be balanced for things to work correctly. Balance seems to be the theme of this newsletter.

Certainly the Charioteer needs to be balanced and focused to reach his goals. The Advisor needs balance to give advice and encouragement to those desiring compassionate advice. (See these new cards from Tarot of Empowerment below.)

On my upcoming show next Wednesday, August 6, at 6pm, Julie King and I will discuss how Tarot can be a tool to stay focused and balanced in these rapidly changing times. (The permanent link to my radio show, Tarot of Empowerment, is here on Empower You Radio.) See article below.

In this issue, I have included a Forgive and Release ritual that can help you be more balanced. This is an important ritual if you feel yourself stuck, angry, or in need of forgiveness. I’ve said before that forgiveness is NOT permission for the trespasser to continue his or her action or to continue to be disagreeable in any way. Forgiveness is about pulling your energy out of the situation so that you can move on with your life. This can be a life-enhancing, and possibly, life-changing ritual.

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Forgiveness Bath Ritual

 First of all, let’s explore what forgiveness is and is not.

Forgiveness is about you, not the person you are forgiving. The purpose of forgiveness is for you to get closure from hurt or anger you feel towatds another, yourself, or a circumstance over which you have no control. You may have to forgive repeatedly before the closure is permanent.

  • Forgiving does not require you to engage anyone, nor is it giving permission for more transgressions.
  • Forgiving another does not require action from them.
  • Forgiving is ultimately an act of healing for yourself, not healing the relationship.
  • Forgiveness is about you, not the person or situation that you are forgiving.

 What you’ll need: a candle, a tool that simulates cutting attachments (like a butter knife or dull, flat rock), oil or bubbles, Bach Rescue remedy (optional and valuable if you are in grief or high anxiety), and soap and shampoo for a shower.

Call on your angels and guides to be with you during this exercise with the intention of opening your heart and mind to their healing powers.

Fill the tub with warm water, and use only the light of the candle for your bath.

Lay in the bath for a moment and feel the anticipation of engaging in a ritual of release and peace.

Start at your feet or head and gently move the tool over your entire body, repeating the mantra, “I forgive and release,” or “I forgive and surrender to my highest potential.”

Continue releasing over your entire body, going between your fingers and toes, while repeating your mantra. As you do this you are likely to get flashes of scenes in which you have been wronged, or other scenes in which you have wronged others. You will most likely see things long forgotten.


 Let the pictures pass like a slide show, without stopping to review or analyze. As each scene comes up, forgive and release.

At this point in the exercise disconnect from everyone, even attachments of those you love. Imagine the tool gently cutting and removing all attachments to others, living or dead, loved or disliked. You will soon allow reattachments. Continue to use the tool and repeat the mantra until you feel the exercise is complete and that you are not holding anything back.

STAY in the bath and empty the tub. (You don’t want to track the psychic gunk from the bath into your house). Let all that gunk go down the drain. Now, shower, shampoo and scrub yourself clean from head to toe.

While still in the shower tell your angels and guides to allow the energy ONLY from those who love and support you to reattach. Feel the love and support shower over you.

Now, you can leave the tub and shower. You will probably want a rest or nap so snuggle into someplace comfortable and cozy. Thank your angels and guides and allow yourself to feel, and possibly dream, their love.

When you are done resting, you can journal about your experience./

Tarot of Empowerment Radio

How can you can use Tarot to stay focused in these rapidly changing times

August 6, special guest

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New Cards from Tarot of Empowerment

Advisor (Hierophant)

Wise one, tell me your ways

How do I learn the answers

How do I find my power

Share your knowledge and your wisdom with me

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Now is the time to be in control and move forward

Drive the Chariot of fast, rapid change

Use your intellect, trust your intuition

Stay focused and ride the wings of spirit


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