April 2022

Judyth Sult’s April

Empowerment Newsletter

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The feedback I received from my last newsletter indicated my readers like my personal stories, so I’m continuing with that format. This isn’t just self-indulgence, there are lessons for us on in my experiences. Please let me know if you like it.

Happy Birthday to Me

This April I will be 75 years old. Years OLD, even though I don’t feel old (most of the time).

It’s been an interesting journey getting here and one I couldn’t even imagine as a kid. I remember having a conversation with a playmate and discussing how long we’d each like to live. I settled on something like the mid-fifties because I figured that I would still be able to be active and presumably in fairly good health. I didn’t have grandparents or other older role models in my life, so I had no concept of what it would be like to be older than my parents.

Now that I am well past fifty, I’m in the mood to reflect.

I was in my mid-thirties the first time my mother told me she loved me. I think she finally said those words as the result of the exercise I detail in the article below. My mother came from a non-demonstrative family, and the maternal modeling was not positive. In fact, my father died when I was twelve, and Mom asked her stepfather, rather than her mother, to come to California from the mid-West for support. My paternal grandparents died before I was born, and I only saw my maternal grandparents a half dozen times until I was an adult. I don’t have memories of a grandma’s hugs or favorite recipe or stories from her childhood. Until I was an adult there was no extended family to share memories with, and even then, we were on different paths.

When I got married and had children, I decided to change the future of my family story. I couldn’t change the past, but I hoped that I could change the patterns from the past, the wounds from the past, and as an extension, my family. I realized that Mom could feel and demonstrate love because she did so with my children. I was so curious to know if she was capable of loving me, or if I was just not a person she could ever embrace. I had begun my spiritual journey and was learning about the power of working with my angels and guides through my higher self. I decided to write her a letter, enlisting the aid of my angels and guides through my higher self to her higher self (her angels and guides). [See article below.]

Ten days after writing that letter, I got a call from her saying that she loved me and wanted me to know how much she appreciated me. I was stunned. My husband was stunned. Over the next 25 years we built a much more loving and trusting relationship. As she was nearing the end of her life, she told me that she didn’t understand my spiritual beliefs, but she saw how I expressed love for her and how she had never had that. She looked at the love and respect in my family and said that I must be doing something right. Mom feared death, but she asked me to support her when her time came to transition, which I did, some years later.

There are two lessons in this experience. One, you don’t have to carry on your family patterns. My parents were headed towards divorce when Dad died. My grandmother and even great grandmother were both divorced (that was in the late 1800’s!). I wanted to change that for my story. Two, when you work with your angels and guides, you can call in a great deal of support to create the change to make your life as you want it, and as it deserves to be.

Over the years I’ve offered this letter exercise to resolve many relationship issues regarding work, family, and neighbor issues. What I love about the solutions is that they were often unexpected, as mine was.

There is one caveat. If nothing changes in the relationship after you write the letter, it may mean that it is time for you to move away from it, be it family, work, or friendship.

So, I’m calling on my angels and guides to celebrate the 75 years we’ve been together and to trust that we will continue to work for our highest and best good.

Sky Signs

April 1, New Moon in Aries, conjunct Mercury and Chiron. The New Moon is about new beginnings and is a time to set your intentions for the coming month. Mercury is the planet that represents communication, and Chiron represents the wounded healer. As this is also the first day of April, and Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, all of the energy points to looking at your goals with a new perspective and get active in making those changes that you’ve put off. Since the Moon is conjunct Chiron and Mercury, this is a wonderful time to heal (Chiron) old patterns, especially around past communications (Mercury).

April 16, Full Moon in Libra. Libra is about balance and partnership. This Full Moon will provide the energy to slightly shift the focus from your intense personal perspective about your goals created in the New Moon to how those goals affect others. This will be a time to find harmony and balance with others, while pursuing your personal goals.

April Universal Number is 1

April is the fourth month, so we add the 4 to the 6 of the universal year (2022), and we get 10, which reduces to 1.

Along with the Moon energy (see Sky Influences), this will be a time when people have opportunities not only to see, but to change the Universal world energy. Unfortunately, that does not mean that everyone will see the “new” in the same way, and this can cause conflict. However, the positive potential energy will be available to call on to communicate healing options rather than continued destructive energy.

Engaging your Angels and Guides

Ritual letter to the Higher Self

Below is an exercise that is useful for making changes in your relationship (see example above). This exercise is useful in changing the dynamics of any relationship. The results are most obvious when a person is alive, but it’s also helpful to resolve old hurts and inequities when the person has passed.

Call on your guides and angels to help you write a letter to the higher self of the person with whom you have a challenging relationship. This is a physical letter, but you are writing it through your higher self, and to this person’s higher self. The other person will not physically receive the letter.

In the letter explain the challenging lessons you learned from this relationship, even if you rejected the lessons or the lessons were hurtful. For example, if the person has been spiteful and jealous, you can point out that they did an excellent job of teaching you how a person is when they are expressing jealousy and spite. You got the lesson, and now it’s not necessary to keep teaching (showing) you this behavior any longer. Explain in the letter that through both of your guides you would like this person to learn to replace jealousy and spite with, for example, compassion and tolerance.

In your letter include the good, the bad, and everything in between regardingyour relationship. Explain the nature of the positive energy that you would like to replace the negative. Also, honor and thank this person for the positive lessons they have brought to your life. Be willing to forgive past actions because they were most likely teaching you in the only way they knew.

At the end of the letter, tell your person’s higher self what you would like to see your relationship become, in whatever time your paths will cross. In your letter, take responsibility for however you may have contributed to the difficulty in the relationship.

When you are sure you are done with the letter, burn it with the sacred intention of changing the energy in your relationship. Say something along the lines of, “As this paper is transformed to ashes, I call on my higher self and [person’s] higher self to transform the energy in our relationship to its highest potential.” Finally, blow the ashes into the wind or put them in a garden.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more guidance.