April 2018

Judyth Sult’s April 2018 Empowerment Newsletter

NOTES from J

This is my birthday month. My personal year, which goes from January to December is a nine (4+21+2018=9). Nine personal year energy indicates a time of cleaning out closets, projects and relationships that no longer serve me. Up until my birthday I was doing my 9 year with the energy as a 7 (the 2 digits of my age added together).

The 7 energy is about analyzing to come to a decision about how I’ll move forward in the 9 energy. As of my birthday I’ll still be in the personal year energy of the 9, but I’ll be doing the 9 energy as an 8. That means I’ll be looking at issues of money and security. It will be a good time for me to look at administrative issues in my life (health directives, income and so forth).

My life partner, Larry, is also in a 9 year (May 29, 2018). However, he is currently doing it as an 9 (the total of the two digits of his age). The double 9 would imply that he is clearing out everything no longer needed, and that is true to some extent. After his birthday in May his personal year energy will still be a 9, but the way he’ll will apply that 9 energy is as a 1 (the two digits of his age reduced to a single digit). So even though he will be clearing things out of his life, he will be motivated by making room for the new projects he’ll be calling into his life.

I gave this example so you can see how the same personal year will be different for each person. No matter what your numbers are, choose to do them with the most positive approach. Remember, the numbers go along the spectrum from positive to negative. The way you use your energy is your choice.



Your personal year is found by adding the month you were born, with the birth day, and the CURRENT year. Your birth year does not enter into it.

Photo above is from my 70th birthday 1 year ago!

Empower Yourself for Abundance

Do you have an issue with being empowered to claim abundance in your life?

In order to claim abundance, first you need to define what abundance means to you. Begin by identifying when you have felt in harmony with abundance. It may have been due to material possessions, perhaps it was a sense of love, or maybe it was being in nature. How did it feel, what was your attitude at the time?

We seldom attract abundance when we hold a pessimistic attitude towards the world. When we are negative our chakras are closed down and we can’t let any light into our soul. When we are indifferent or apathetic with the universe it can knock on our doors over and over and we don’t respond because we can’t hear or feel the knock.

Sometimes we need an attitude adjustment and we are so low we can’t seem to get the energy to make the change. When that happens, try this: either from your own deck, or from the Tarot of Empowerment card draw here, call on your guides (or whatever you call on) to show you the one card that will help you claim a positive attitude. Meditate on that card.

Next, draw a card that represents what is in the way of you being able to fully incorporate the lessons of the first card. This card represents the underlying energy that is keeping you from moving forward.

Finally, draw a card for what is your next best step in claiming a more abundant life, as you have defined abundance.

As a former student, Sophie Q Horst, once wrote after a workshop, “Abundance isn’t about money – it is about the flow of life, about giving and receiving, and about not holding on to whatever might block the flow, whether it’s feelings of hurt or anger or simply being unwilling to give of yourself when it’s needed.”

Feel free to email me if you have questions about your reading.

April stones

Since 1912 the “modern” birthstone list has been used by jewelers to define the month stones.

The mystical birthstone list is originally from Tibet and dates back over a thousand years.

The Ayurvedic birthstone list is the oldest, dating from 1500 B.C. in ancient India.

April Birthstones

*Modern and Ayurvedic – Diamond: The diamond is a symbol of perfection and illumination. On the spiritual level it’s said to activate the Crown Chakra which can activate your inner vision and open the mind to new possibilites. The hardness of the stone has been associated with strength, purity, faithfulness and protection.

*Mystical – Opal: The brilliant flashes of the fire opal are said to inspire love, hope, innocence, purity and luck. In ancient times it was believed the opal embraced the virtues of all of the gemstones whose colors were reflected in the flashes. Spiritually, the opal is said to bring the full spectrum of light energy thereby clearing and soothing the aura



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Be Empowered to Make Wise Choices

To a certain extent we choose what we want in our life or, at least, we choose how we will respond to what life brings us. Even when we don’t make a choice, we are choosing to let our emotions rule us. Sometimes we need a reminder that we are responsible for our attitude and the joy we call into our own life. Below are seven strategies to increase your happiness.

1. Know and accept that you deserve to be happy. It’s often easier to live your life by default, that is, by absorbing whatever is in your environment rather than by changing your actions and attitudes. However, taking action is almost always empowering and provides you with purpose.

2. Be willing to take risks and move beyond your comfort zone. When our son went to college he had the wisdom to try one new thing every day. It varied from something small, like taking a different path to class to something more dramatic like deciding to learn a new instrument (that choice led him to become a professional drummer and artist). Your mind and heart expand when you try something new. Get your adrenalin moving a little bit every day (or a LOT on some days). You will learn and appreciate more about who you are.

3. Select your entertainment carefully. Although there is a plethora of movies, books and causes that are meaningful, many are depressing. Review your entertainment to see if it makes you feel good about yourself and your universe. Find material that suggests solutions, has humor or is just plain fun. Sing, dance, draw or do some other creative venture that makes you happy. You needn’t be a professional artist to enjoy artistic dips and spins.

4. Avoid negative people, especially at work. Don’t give people permission to spew their negativity on you. Try to create a buddy system by being honest enough to explain to complainers that you are trying to be more positive in your life. Invite them to turn the conversation around by sharing solutions and bringing humor into work situations.

5. Be grateful for what you do have. Start each day thanking the universe for at least 2 people, situations, possessions or ideas you have in your life. Be sincere and explore how to expand the role

6. Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. This is one of the most difficult tasks when you are feeling down because you may already be feeling awful about who you think you are. But this is the time to look at yourself as you would your dearest friend who needs some cheering up. Do whatever you can to force yourself to be there for that friend: yourself. Give yourself encouragement, buy yourself a treat, say kind words to yourself, have fun with yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, meditate, journal. Never accept abuse from anyone, even yourself.

Sometimes you can’t find joy on your own and that’s okay, be willing to reach out to a professional if needs be.

Life is precious and deserves to be joyful. Do something new and different today.

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The Energy for April

April is the fourth month of the year and resonates with the number 4.

In Tarot of Empowerment the number 4 is represented by Authorty (4) and Life Cycles (13).

The energy of 4 is about control and organizationsl skills, reliability and the ability to work hard. The other card that reduces to 4 is Life Cycles (13). Life Cycles is a reminder to take control of your life and release what no longer serves you

A thoughtful leader and

Inclusive of others
Holding the vision for the betterment of all
Wise and brave enough to accept the consequences

You are empowered by Authority when you take actions for the betterment of your community and justly define boundaries and accept the consequences.

Read more about Authority here

Call in the new
Be with the One

You are empowered when you accept death and release as part of the cycle of life. Learn to celebrate what was, release it and become empowered to move forward to a new phase in your life.

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My Card for April is Sustenance

Sustain us with

love and compassion
Lead us into new possibilities
Help us

grow and nurture us
As we move through the world

This seems like a perfect card for my birthday month!

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Draw your April card here.

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April 1 – Full Moon

April 15, 16 – New Moon

April 29 – Full Moon

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