April 2016

Judyth Sult’s April

2016 Newsletter

Notes from J 

I hope you are all enjoying spring. In my community of Bellingham  in NW Washington we have had beautiful weather that makes the winter seem like a memory – even though I know in a few days it will be wet and grey again. Enjoy what you can in life, when you can.

This month we’re looking at the card Authority (number 4 in the Tarot), which is the Emperor in traditional decks. This card often gets a bum rap because the benevolent aspect of the card is ignored.

April is often the time when the final wedding plans come to fruition. No matter when you plan to get married take a look at some things to consider as you plan your ceremony.

Finally, are online readings accurate? Yes, and not so much. Read below.

Blessing to you all,

What is your Authority?

A thoughtful leader and decision-maker,

Inclusive of others,

Holding the vision for the betterment of all and

Wise and brave enough to accept the consequences

April is the 4th month which is the number that coincides with Authority in Tarot of Empowerment, or the Emperor in traditional decks.

Exercise: Authority is about having the final say or responsibility regarding a situation or issue. During April bring it to mind daily  and be mindful of the energy of Authority as it shows up in your life.

This card is empowering when it works from the perspective that Authority does not act from ego, but from making decisions based on what is for the highest good for the community.

Try to make decisions based on your wisdom and experience to provide the building blocks for structures that will follow in the coming months. Be systematic with others and plan carefully, keeping in mind long term goals for the good of all. Be compassionate and recognize the good in those under your tutelage. Understand and be willing to accept the consequences of your decisions.

Do on-line readings work?

Over the years, I’ve often been asked if online readings really work, especially since we’ve launched the Tarot of Empowerment free card draw.

In my opinion, the expectation for online readings is different than in person readings. With both kinds of readings, it’s important to set your intention to be receptive to the information that you will be receiving. In person readings allow you to ask questions and expand on the interpretation.

On line readings give you a quick overview of the answer to your question or general insight into where you are in the moment. The Tarot of Empowerment draw suggests you read the interpretation and see how the energy of the selected card shows up in your day.

Pick a card to try it now.

Planning your wedding?

There is usually a blessing/prayer in the course of the wedding ceremony so consider how, and if, you want the blessing to be addressed. For example, to God, Goddess, the One, the Powers that Be, or the Community and/or Family.

Does the bride want to be “given away”?  Traditionally, the bride was property of her father or some other male relative and this part of the ceremony signified that ownership is now transferred to the husband. The tradition has evolved into a sentimental passing of the bride to the groom. Now, anyone can give the bride away if you so choose. On the other hand, the bride can present herself signifying that she is offering herself into marriage of her own free will.

Will you be writing your own vows? Your vows are important for your community to hear. Consider having a portable microphone unless you both are accustomed to speaking before a lot of people. You usually will hear yourself louder than you actually are speaking and your guests may have to strain to hear you.

Do you want to acknowledge children in the ceremony in a blended family situation? For example, once the bride had 2 children and we incorporated the groom’s pledge to the children that he would honor the children as his own. In turn, the children acknowledged and accepted that he was becoming a part of their family.

How do you want to be introduced at the end of the ceremony? Are the bride and groom sharing the same last name? Will they each keep their own name? Will the last name be hyphenated by one or both? It’s surprising how often the couple have not made this decision until just before the ceremony.

There are other considerations to take into account. Please contact me if you are looking for someone to perform your wedding ceremony. I have worked along with wedding planners and with couples who are planning their own ceremony. We will work  as a team to ensure the ceremony reflects your values and desires.

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