Understanding Your Authority

What is your Authority?

A thoughtful leader and decision-maker,

Inclusive of others,

Holding the vision for the betterment of all and

Wise and brave enough to accept the consequences

April is the 4th month which is the number that coincides with Authority in Tarot of Empowerment, or the Emperor in traditional decks.

Exercise: Authority is about having the final say or responsibility regarding a situation or issue. During April bring it to mind daily  and be mindful of the energy of Authority as it shows up in your life.

This card is empowering when it works from the perspective that Authority does not act from ego, but from making decisions based on what is for the highest good for the community.

Try to make decisions based on your wisdom and experience to provide the building blocks for structures that will follow in the coming months. Be systematic with others and plan carefully, keeping in mind long term goals for the good of all. Be compassionate and recognize the good in those under your tutelage. Understand and be willing to accept the consequences of your decisions.