It was the third time I’d seen a specific card…

Dear Judyth,

I did a one card reading and pulled one as a clarifier. It was the third time I’d seen a specific card and the third meaning I discovered when I paired it with the clarifier. Is this normal? I feel like if I don’t have a specific, set meaning for each card my guides won’t be able to get the point across. How do you communicate with someone if each word in the language changes every time you use it? GW

Dear GW,

You have such excellent questions. When a card comes up repeatedly it’s a good time to explore all of the possibilities.

Are you keeping a journal of the card you are getting and how you interpret it IN THAT MOMENT, without looking back? I bet you will find a very consistent theme with variations. The clarifier amplifies a particular aspect of the card, or the reason you are asking the question, or the position of the card.

The important thing is that if you are getting a card repeatedly the theme of that card is up for you in your life.

Each of the clarifiers is helping to tell you how it is up for you in different areas of your life.