5 The Advisor (Hierophant)

The Advisor (Hierophant in traditional decks) represents the translator of specialized rules and language to the masses. This is the energy of the philosopher teacher who calls upon experience and tradition to provide guidance.

The Advisor is one who is an expert in the area about which you are asking the question, be it spirit, psychology, law, accounting or other areas of your life. He interprets the complicated rules and regulations of his area of life study, and translates it in a way you can understand to take appropriate action. He interprets the intricacies of his area of expertise so that the masses have access to that body of knowledge.

Traditionally, this card represents a spiritual leader who is steeped in conventional beliefs. In Tarot of Empowerment, the Advisor is portrayed as the Dali Lama, a wise and compassionate man of the world who attempts to unravel the mysteries of life through the simplicity of love. Our Advisor demonstrates that a world of compassion can bring joy and resolutions of the issues at hand. He is present in the world and his philosophy of love is available to all.

When the Advisor comes up in a reading it is time for you to seek the advice of one who has the expertise and wisdom you need to find answers to your question. This card may also indicate that you are the Advisor or teacher. If so, remember to teach with compassion, humor and tolerance. Teach with the integrity of your highest self. As the Advisor, it’s important to be fair and weigh all of the evidence without prejudice.