Tarot readings are done in-person and by phone to anywhere. I encourage recording the readings so you have it to refer back to. There is so much information that it’s difficult to write everything down and it is more valuable for you to be in a listening mode.

Tarot readings are available for individuals, couples and businesses. Tarot is wonderful for for special events such as bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, employee appreciations.
$100 for an individual hour reading
$150 for a couple’s reading
Parties are $150 per hour, minimum of 2 hours within 30 miles. Include mileage for more than 30 miles from Bellingham. Other options may be discussed.

Tarot workshop and seminar prices vary according to location and the length and number of sessions. Please call for information.

Weddings and Life Celebrations – We’ll work together to keep the cost of the ceremony reasonable. I meet at least once with the bride and groom and individually craft the ceremony. A wedding with more than a casual gathering of friends should have a rehearsal.  I’ll be responsible for filing the paperwork in a timely manner.
$200 minimum

Mentoring –  My mentoring clients are willing to do the work to create a more satisfying life. Clients are guaranteed two 1 hour phone or in-person consultations per month. The consultations can be broken up into half hour segments if you prefer. In addition clients are provided brief email response throughout the month as requested by you.

$200 per month for a minimum of 3 months

Additional services such as Reiki, space clearing, classes and business consultations are available as requested.

Some clients have requested a donation link, with your kind offering to support the development of our new deck, The Tarot of Empowerment. For you, Thank You and here is a link: