Here’s what 2013 has in store for you

Numerology cover copy Let’s look at a quick and fun way to get a sample of Numerology by looking at your upcoming personal year. The personal year goes from January to December, no matter when your birthday occurs. Calculate your 2012 personal year first to determine if the description matches what had your attention this year, and then use the formula  to predict what will have your attention in 2013. You can surprise your family and friends with their personal year predictions.

Your personal year is calculated by adding the month and day of your birth to the current year, and then reducing them to a single digit. For example, my birthday is April 21, so we add 4+21 to 2012 (4+21+2012= 2037 then adding 2+0+3+7=12=3). A three year is about expansion, opportunity and issues around joy. That was certainly true for me!

Now, let’s see what will have my attention in 2013 (4+21+2013=2038). I reduce the number until I have a single digit (2+0+3+8=13=4). My personal year energy for 2013 is 4. The 4 year is more limiting than the 3 as it builds stability and structure. Endurance and patience are often necessary in a 4 year. I’ve been 4warned!

Now calculate your personal year and then look at the meanings below to see how well it matches what had your attention this year, and then discover what you will call to yourself in 2013.

The 1 year is the beginning of a new 9 year cycle. What you start in a 1 year will have an effect for the next nine years. Those with a 1 year are starting new ventures, becoming more independent, showing leadership and learning new skills. This is an excellent year to clarify your goals and lay the foundation for years to come.

The 2 year is about issues of balance. How do you balance different aspects of your relationships, work, home, play? Diplomacy, kindness and tact are important skills to foster. You’ll also find yourself making a lot of choices in the 2 year. Partnerships and communication issues are likely to come up.

The 3 year is about finding what brings you joy. It’s a time of expansiveness, opportunities and happiness. The 3 year person is often creative, intuitive and the imagination sparkles. It’s often a good year for romance and other social relationships. A fun year!

The 4 year grounds us with issues around stability and structure. Sometimes a 4 year can feel like you’re going through a maze so persistence and endurance need to be cultivated. Everything is in the details. Accomplishments should be celebrated because they seem to require more work than before.

The 5 year is about issues of growth and change and may feel a bit unpredictable after the 4 energy. Your 5 year will probably bring a major change in home, family or work. You are likely to feel a sense of adventure and excitement. Sometimes a 5 year can bring an element of struggle. There are opportunities for great progress in different areas of your life.

The 6 energy is about home. What makes your home? Who do you want in your home? What do you want to change in your home? The 6 year is usually gentle and the emphasis is on harmony and balance. This may be the year you get married, expand your family or care for family members in a new way. Responsibility, love and balance are keys issues in a 6 year.

Take a chance to pause and breathe in the 7 year. Whew! The last 3 years may have seemed pretty intense. The 7 year is about contemplation, understanding and analysis. The 7 year is a time to look at the past and present while planning for the future.

The 8 year is about issues of status and money. This is the year when accomplishments feel very important – and the year when you are in the best energy to create accomplishments. This is a fruitful time after all of the dreaming, planning and working of the last several years.
The 9 year is about issues of completion. You probably want to clean out closets, finish projects, and end relationships that aren’t working. The 9 year is about finishing up and cleaning out. You are getting ready to start a new cycle next year. It can be a big year for changes.