Understanding Your Authority

What is your Authority?

A thoughtful leader and decision-maker,

Inclusive of others,

Holding the vision for the betterment of all and

Wise and brave enough to accept the consequences

April is the 4th month which is the number that coincides with Authority in Tarot of Empowerment, or the Emperor in traditional decks.

Exercise: Authority is about having the final say or responsibility regarding a situation or issue. During April bring it to mind daily  and be mindful of the energy of Authority as it shows up in your life.

This card is empowering when it works from the perspective that Authority does not act from ego, but from making decisions based on what is for the highest good for the community.

Try to make decisions based on your wisdom and experience to provide the building blocks for structures that will follow in the coming months. Be systematic with others and plan carefully, keeping in mind long term goals for the good of all. Be compassionate and recognize the good in those under your tutelage. Understand and be willing to accept the consequences of your decisions.

Determination (The Chariot)

The Chariot Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

The Chariot represents controlled, rapid and focused change. The decision has been made, now is the time to use drive and determination that will cause the change necessary to achieve the goal. [Read more…]

The Wheel of Fortune

The WHeel of Fortune Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us of inevitable changes in life, most often positive change. The circle is a constant reminder that we will certainly move from one stage to the next. [Read more…]

The Sun

The Sun Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

The Sun symbolizes warmth, vitality, joy and all that is good and nourishing. The Sun brings us the light of each day before surrendering to the dark of night. The Sun is central to our place in the universe and, in a like manner, symbolizes our “self” in relation to the whole of our own universe. [Read more…]

Awakening (traditional Judgement)

The Awakening Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

Awakening (traditional Judgement) represents choosing to move beyond the past and ascend to higher life purpose. Awakening represents a shift in consciousness that releases old paradigms of consciousness and dogma that restrict or compromise the authentic self. [Read more…]

The Tower


The Tower card often causes feelings of fear and anxiety because it depicts upheaval and change. The change brought on by the Tower is often unexpected, quick and profound. Tower energy frequently appears dramatic and out of control.  The Tower energy is cataclysmic, not catastrophic, change.

Upheaval, destruction, transformation
The structure of my life is revolutionized
Show me the pieces of truth and wisdom
To rebuild new foundations in my life

In Tarot of Empowerment the Tower card illustrates the destruction of a bridge amidst the background of fireworks. The destruction is about the false hopes and broken promises represented by the bridge. The fireworks in the background represent the celebration of sudden enlightenment about how to reestablish a new foundation built on truth and wisdom.

This card often comes up in a reading when you’ve chosen to stay in your comfort zone rather than to make choices to enhance your growth. You often know that a change is necessary, but are reluctant to take the next step. When the Tower comes up, the choice to make a change is no longer yours. You have put yourself in the position to receive a cosmic kick-in-the-ass.

You will find yourself in a position to question your security and your beliefs. The Tower card usually represents an event in the physical world, but it can cause a spiritual crisis because the change is so unexpected. Recognize that you can create new opportunities from the destruction. Take action before action takes you.


major arcana front with tag name longer 8-13The Magician calls upon the One and employs each of the elements to manifest what he desires on this earthly plane. Each element symbolizes an aspect of human nature; air for communication, fire for spirit and passion, water for emotions and relationships, and earth for money and health.

Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Bring me your power

Manifest my magic to do good

I call on Spirit to ignite my soul

 The Magician uses his force of will to bridge the spirit and physical world. He uses each element appropriately.

The Magician is the first card in the major arcana. He initiates the beginning of the journey through the deck. He uses his skills and tools for excellent communication, mature relationships, creative endeavors, and focused abundance.

In Tarot of Empowerment, the Magician is attentive to his wishes and desires. He knows that the way he uses each element will be significant in what he is busy manifesting. He is creative, skilled, diplomatic and confident. He is respectful and gentle.

When the Magician comes up in your reading you are being guided to believe that you can manifest your desires as long as you pay attention and work with the elements. You are being called upon to engage your angels and guides to craft new opportunities into your life.

Know what it is you want, for you are empowered to call it to you.



The Moon

The Moon Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

The Moon is the symbol of romance, cycles, and wonder. Another of the cycle cards the Moon waxes and wanes, changing the tides in the oceans and subtly influencing our perceptions and emotions. [Read more…]

The Advisor (Hierophant)

The Advisor (Hierophant in traditional decks) represents the translator of specialized rules and language to the masses. This is the energy of the philosopher teacher who calls upon experience and tradition to provide guidance.

The Advisor is one who is an expert in the area about which you are asking the question, be it spirit, psychology, law, accounting or other areas of your life. He interprets the complicated rules and regulations of his area of life study, and translates it in a way you can understand to take appropriate action. He interprets the intricacies of his area of expertise so that the masses have access to that body of knowledge.

Traditionally, this card represents a spiritual leader who is steeped in conventional beliefs. In Tarot of Empowerment, the Advisor is portrayed as the Dali Lama, a wise and compassionate man of the world who attempts to unravel the mysteries of life through the simplicity of love. Our Advisor demonstrates that a world of compassion can bring joy and resolutions of the issues at hand. He is present in the world and his philosophy of love is available to all.

When the Advisor comes up in a reading it is time for you to seek the advice of one who has the expertise and wisdom you need to find answers to your question. This card may also indicate that you are the Advisor or teacher. If so, remember to teach with compassion, humor and tolerance. Teach with the integrity of your highest self. As the Advisor, it’s important to be fair and weigh all of the evidence without prejudice.


Temperance - Tarot of Empowerment DeckTemperance is about blending and balancing all of the aspects in your life. Temperance is the mediator between outer conscious and inner self, [Read more…]