Calculating Your Personal Year for 2017

Let’s look at a quick and fun way to get a sample of Numerology by looking at your upcoming personal year. The personal year extends from January to December, no matter when your birthday occurs. The theme of the personal year usually describes what will have your attention this year. Below is the formula to calculate the 2017 personal year.

Your personal year is calculated by adding the month and day of your birth to the current year, and then reducing them to a single digit. For example, my birthday is April 21, so we calculate it like this:
April=4th month
21 (2+1)=3
2017 (2+0+1+7) = 10 reduces to 1
So, 4+3+1= 8.

My personal year is a 8. You can read below where I’m likely to place my energy this year.

Now, you have the tools to calculate your personal year and then you can surprise your family and friends with their personal year predictions.

People in a 1 personal year are planting the seeds for the next 9 year cycle. This is a year with many new opportunities and activities. The 1 year is likely to be a year of leadership and initiative. Tarot cards that relate to one energy are 1 Magician, 10 Wheel of Fortune, and 19 Sun.

People in a 2 personal year are open to new relationships and opportunities that embrace harmony, balance and cooperation. During a 2 year, when a person is out of balance or in a disagreeable relationship, the person may become depressed because they are not able to act with the 2 energy. The 2 year is an excellent year to build on the new beginnings from the 1 year. Tarot cards that relate to 2 energy are 2 High Priestess, 11 Justice, 20 Awakening.

People in a 3 personal year feel expansive and open to new adventures. This is very much “play time” as people in the 3 energy explore the meaning of joy in their lives. The 3 energy is very creative, especially in art and writing. It’s important to distinguish between creativity and frivolousness. Tarot cards that relate to 3 energy are 3 Sustenance, 12 New Perspectives, and 21 World.

A 4 personal year is the time to focus after the playfulness of the 3 year. It is a year of focus and creating a foundation for the future. It can be considered a “maze” year as the people in this year seem to have more obstacles than usual. As they come to a block, they must learn to change directions to find a new route rather than run into a brick wall. Tarot cards that relate to 4 energy are 4 Authority and 13 Life Cycles.

People in a 5 personal year often feel great relief after the constrictions of the 4 year. The 5 personal year is full of exploration and working beyond the constraints of the 4 year. Many new opportunities present themselves, and it’s sometimes difficult to finish the many projects that they will be tempted to begin. Tarot cards related to a 5 year is 5 Introspection and 14 Temperance.

The 6 personal year is usually pretty smooth, even as the person is likely to be focused on responsibility and service, especially to family. People in this year are focused on home and what home means: who they want in the home, where home is, what home means. People must beware of taking on too much responsibility so that the sense of individuality is lost. Tarot cards that relate to 6 energy are 6 Choice and 15 Entrapment.

People in a 7 personal year spend their time analyzing and trying to understand what their life is about. The 7 year is about choices, often unexpected ones. It is a time to pause, consider, reflect, evaluate and decide. Intuition is important in the 7 year. Tarot cards related to 7 energy are 7 Determination and 16 Chaos.

The 8 personal year is about status and money. It’s often the perfect time for people to explore new employment opportunities, apply for promotions and evaluate their general financial situation. Many people start a new business in an 8 year after the 7 year of analyzing and evaluating the wisdom of such a move. Tarot cards with 8 energy are 8 Strength and 17 Star.

The 9 personal year is the end of a 9 year. People may find they are cleaning out closets, relationships, and anything else that no long serve them. As a part of the completion cycle they may find that giving to others, financially or emotionally, become important to them. Tarot cards with the 9 energy are 9 Introspection and 18 Moon.

How Do I Support My Friend?

Here is a layout to answer the question, “How can I best support my friend during this challenging time?” Here are cards that I got in this sample reading.

Card 1 [What card describes the situation?] Chaos
Card 2 [What is my gift to give this person?] Determination
Card 3 [How do I give this gift?] Star
Card 4 [What do I NOT suggest to this person?] Advisor
Card 5 [What action may I suggest for him?] Temperance

The situation I did the reading for is certainly chaotic so this card is just right.

My gift to my friend, in this situation, is to help him focus and set out new goals based on the current situation.

The way to help my friend focus is by showing him the potential of who he is and what he is capable of achieving at the end of the chaos.

The cards tell me to NOT suggest he see a counselor at this time. He is still in the middle of emotional chaos and although counseling may seem appropriate, it is not right for him at this time.

What I can suggest to him is to wait until he finds his own equilibrium before getting more input from a counselor, which actually fits his circumstances perfectly.

This reading was different than what I thought I would do to help, and it gave me a different perspective and approach to the issue. I followed the suggestion in the reading which turned out to be very helpful for my friend.

Developing Intuition

The best way to develop intuition is to feel it, rather than analyze or read about it. Let me give you an exercise: Close your eyes and ask your guides/angels/personal beings for help. Acknowledge that you might not even know if they are there (if you aren’t sure they are there). Ask them to teach you how to connect with them, which will connect you to your intuition. Ask them to play with you. Relax and see if you feel their presence.

The next step is to pay attention. How many times has someone called and you said, “I was just thinking about you.” That was your intuition telling you that you were going to soon be connected to that person.

Ask for parking near where you are going and when the spot comes up, thank your angels. Practice this for a week and let me know how this goes.

Another thing. Pay attention to the little itty bitty voice in your head that says, “hmm don’t think that’s a good idea,” or “this may have further consequences down the road.” Every poor business decision I’ve made can be directly tracked back to ignoring the little voice.

Life Cycles Ritual

Sometimes we get into a habit

We all have habits, some good, some not so good. Holding onto an old belief, relationship, feeling, or childhood message can serve to keep one from moving forward in a healthy way.

Sometimes people find themselves with a partner or a job that seemed like a perfect match, only to find that they’ve outgrown it. They may actually be in love with the potential they originally saw in the relationship rather than what it has actually become.

My heart hurts for people who come to me for a reading when the querent is more focused on getting back what was, rather than on accepting what is.

Take a symbol of what you need to release. It might be a photo, a remembrance, a business card or a word or phrase written on a paper – whatever symbolizes what you want to release. Bless it, then burn or bury it as a symbol or release.

Then write what you want to fill the space you have just created in your heart and hold it there.

Habits don’t go away with a ritual. You will still feel the tug of the old. When you do, repeat the words, “I release you and call – – into my life.”

22 The Unknown

The Unknown is the card that comes up when the Universe is not ready to give you information or to answer your question. The Universe has not yet put all of the factors in place to respond to the situation. Patience is needed before any decision is made or action can be taken.

In Tarot of Empowerment, the nautilus representing the sacred geometry of the building block of the Universe creates the question mark symbolizing the unknown.

Forgiveness Bath Ritual

First of all, let’s explore what forgiveness is and is not.
Forgiveness is about you, not the person you are forgiving. The purpose of forgiveness is for you to get closure from hurt or anger you feel towatds another, yourself, or a circumstance over which you have no control. You may have to forgive repeatedly before the closure is permanent.

  • Forgiving does not require you to engage anyone, nor is it giving permission for more transgressions.
  • Forgiving another does not require action from them.
  • Forgiving is ultimately an act of healing for yourself, not healing the relationship.
  • Forgiveness is about you, not the person or situation that you are forgiving.

What you’ll need: a candle, a tool that simulates cutting attachments (like a butter knife or dull, flat rock), oil or bubbles, Bach Rescue remedy (optional and valuable if you are in grief or high anxiety), and soap and shampoo for a shower.

Call on your angels and guides to be with you during this exercise with the intention of opening your heart and mind to their healing powers.

Fill the tub with warm water, and use only the light of the candle for your bath.

Lay in the bath for a moment and feel the anticipation of engaging in a ritual of release and peace.

Start at your feet or head and gently move the tool over your entire body, repeating the mantra, “I forgive and release,” or “I forgive and surrender to my highest potential.”

Continue releasing over your entire body, going between your fingers and toes, while repeating your mantra. As you do this you are likely to get flashes of scenes in which you have been wronged, or other scenes in which you have wronged others. You will most likely see things long forgotten.


Let the pictures pass like a slide show, without stopping to review or analyze. As each scene comes up, forgive and release.

At this point in the exercise disconnect from everyone, even attachments of those you love. Imagine the tool gently cutting and removing all attachments to others, living or dead, loved or disliked. You will soon allow reattachments. Continue to use the tool and repeat the mantra until you feel the exercise is complete and that you are not holding anything back.

STAY in the bath and empty the tub. (You don’t want to track the psychic gunk from the bath into your house). Let all that gunk go down the drain. Now, shower, shampoo and scrub yourself clean from head to toe.

While still in the shower tell your angels and guides to allow the energy ONLY from those who love and support you to reattach. Feel the love and support shower over you.

Now, you can leave the tub and shower. You will probably want a rest or nap so snuggle into someplace comfortable and cozy. Thank your angels and guides and allow yourself to feel, and possibly dream, their love.

When you are done resting, you can journal about your experience./

I received a record number of comments from people who did the bath ritual for forgiveness in the last issue. A few people who don’t have access to bath tubs asked for alternative methods. You could take a meditative walk or run and forgive as each foot hits the ground. Imagine the situation you are forgiving being pounded deep in the ground. Release every situation and every person with each step, even those you love. Then, take a scrub in the shower when you get home and ask the angels and guides to allow reconnection with those who love a support you.

The most important thing in doing this ritual is to forgive yourself as well as others. Forgiving yourself allows the healing to begin.

Dear Judyth, Job situation

I’m at a loss about what to do with my job situation. Please help. My birhday is 11/1. Diane

Dear Diane,

Your personal year, based on your birthdate, is a 1 energy. In the Tarot the 1 energy is represented by 3 cards: the Magician 1 (manifesting something new), the Wheel of Fortune 10 (change), and the Sun 19 (rebirth). Together your birth energy and these cards suggest 2014 will be a good time for new beginnings and being able to manifest what you want to call into your life.

Your also have an abundance of 1’s from your birth numbers November which is an 11 and the day which is a 1. This 1 energy supports your personal year energy.

For your reading I pulled 4 cards representing a) what to release, b) how to release it, c) what to call in, d) what is your gift.

Your reading indicates that it’s time to release your focus on what you lack (R Knight of Earth) and to bring balance to your life by being patient and working with the higher power as well as the physical world (Temperance).

You are best served by creating a plan of action that takes you down the road of new career and opportunities. (Chariot) Have you been so focued on what you can’t/don’t have that you are losing the flexibility to see new options?

Finally, your gift at this time is about giving up your personal struggle. This card reenforces the first card to stop focusing on what you lack, but on what strengths you have. (R 5 Wands)

At first glance this reading may seem full of contraditions. On the one hand you are being told to give up your focus, on the other hand, you are looking at manifesting, which demands a certain level of focus and concentration.

What you are being asked to give up is the focus on lack. Manifesting should identify what to call into your life and how to work with your angels and guides to make it happen.

Manifest what you want by deciding what you want to create, for example, a job to enjoy which brings financial security. Then use the words of power as shown here.

Good luck, Diane, let me know how this works for you.

Clearing Psychic Gunk

Yikes! Psychic gunk!

Do you feel like someone or something is sucking up your energy? You just can’t get away from [Read more…]

What Judyth Can Do for You

Welcome to Life Path Expressions. My name is Judyth Sult and I use intuitive tools and guidance to coach you as you explore your life transitions and milestones. I will work with you to discover how to travel on your path to find joy and fulfillment.

You will learn how to
• Gain new perspectives
• Identify old patterns
• Realize strengths
• Reduce confusion

You might be assessing your life as you prepare to celebrate a major birthday or anniversary, contemplate a job change, struggle with relationship issues, or experience confusion over a difficult situation. A numerology reading can help you recognize recurring themes and a tarot reading offers a best course of action and potential solutions.

If you are suffering from a physical illness or emotional upheaval a Reiki healing can diminish the discomfort.

For those of you planning your wedding or other life ceremony I can craft a unique ceremony that reflects your values and beliefs.

Whatever the purpose, I look for positive energy to help ease the tension and find a solution that leads you to expressing yourself in a joyful authentic way.

Energy Cleansings

Real Estate Sales

“Well, we accepted an offer on our house! You described our buyer pretty darn closely. The closing date works out good for them and for us. So thank you again Judyth for all your help – you are amazing!” PF

Selling your home is an emotional issue – even when you are moving towards something you have long desired. I read the energy to help release the hold on the house or property. Usually a releasing ceremony, specific to your situation, helps you let go of the property and make that sale.

I find homes sell more quickly when a person has a releasing ceremony for the property. You keep the happy memories and lessons even as you move forward with your life.

Releasing the property can reduce stress and help you sleep better.

Space clearing

“I still don’t know how to explain the difference – I can walk in any room and not feel the hostile energy from my ex. I feel safe, thank you.” JA

Have you ever gone into a house, apartment or room and felt uncomfortable for no apparent reason? You were probably intuitively reading negative energy from the place.

When you move into a new place, or have been through emotional upheaval in the current location it can be useful to clear the energy. You never know what kind of energy is left behind from the experiences of previous tenants or owners, so cleansing is important. It’s best not to carry a stranger’s drama!

Clearings are useful whenever there is a major life change and it’s good practice to periodically cleanse your office, home, or car of old energy to create space for new, fresh, invigorating energy.