What empowerment is, and what it is not

Empowerment is being willing to look at your life and identify the changes you want to make

Empowerment is NOT looking at someone else’s life and identifying changes you want THEM to make.

Empowerment is being willing to push your boundaries by exploring new thoughts and actions.

Empowerment is NOT conforming to your current limits.

Empowerment is being willing to release people, situations, and ideas that are not in your highest good.

Empowerment is NOT holding on to what is not in your highest good.

Empowerment is having the courage to walk in the fog of the unknown until you have clarity.

Empowerment is NOT being paralyzed by fear of the unknown.

Empowerment is not for the weak of heart.

I invite you to engage on a journey to Empower yourself.

Is This Energy Yours, Or Does It Belong To Someone Else?

An empath is a person who is highly sensitive to the emotions and energy of other people or events. Empaths often feel overwhelmed when they are in crowded situations such as a mall or stadium because they may unknowingly pick up the conflicting energy of many people at the same time.  Sometimes an empath will feel sad or upset before a major event, such as a natural disaster, that may not even involve them or anyone they directly know.

Being an empath can be exhausting, especially if you don’t know that you are picking up on feelings that are not your own. Empaths may become depressed because they can’t seem to control their feelings or they don’t understand why they are suddenly angry or overwhelmed. Empaths can’t choose what they will pick up on and sometimes they will experience panic attacks or high levels of anxiety.

If you are an empath, the best thing you can do is to acknowledge this gift, and be gentle with yourself. More than most people, you will benefit from having strong boundaries and controlling your environment by deciding what visual (movies, media) and auditory stimulation you want to expose yourself to.

When you feel that you are losing yourself in another person’s issues learn the habit of releasing their energy. Release the unwanted energy by imagining  you’re are cleansing it from the top of your head and running it down your body from your feet into the earth. You may feel most people’s pain, but your life purpose is not to take on their pain. Instead, try to find a sanctuary where you can reconnect with your own energy.

Below are some resources you might want to read to understand yourself, or an empath you may know:
An Empath’s Guide to Staying Balanced:
The Happy Sensitive:
The Joys and Sorrows of Being an Empath

Are You Worth it?

Don’t be too quick to claim the stories that you believe about your life, they can easily become blocks to creating the future you want for yourself. The stories often justify actions and support your dis-empowerment. In these times of transformation, think about your stories and re-write them to empower yourself. The point of power is now, and now you can create a story-foundation that will support the new, empowered you.
– Karen Crane: Wisdom Work for Women

Karen’s words are so true. People often say things that lead to us feeling unworthy to accept love, money, success or joy, yet we adopt them as our story. It’s not possible to be empowered when we don’t feel worthy to claim what life has to offer.

Empowerment is about disengaging from the stories that create low self-esteem and to accept that it is our right to claim all of the majesty of life. To become empowered we need to take responsibility for our lives rather than passively accepting what comes our way. We can’t always control what life brings, but we can learn to respond from different perspectives.

You are worthy. You are worth the best that life has to offer.

Believing negative stories that others tell us about ourselves allows their perception to influence how we are in the world. Learning to reinterpret our own story from a new perspective gives us the freedom to respond in a way that we would like to become.

Over the years I’ve learned to listen to different stories from people who love and support me and now I can accept that I am more the empowered, positive person I want to be. Don’t listen to the people who don’t love you.  Listen to the people who do care.

We often don’t recognize where in our life we feel unworthy. Below is an exercise to help you identify where you lack self-esteem and how to connect with empowering changes.

Do the work. You are worth it!

1.     Pick an area in your life where you experience a lack of fulfillment or joy. Now, write down the feeling or beliefs you have about this part of your life. For example:

I feel unattractive, therefore I don’t deserve someone to love me.

I don’t have money because only selfish people have money.

I can’t improve my work (school, home) situation because this is the best I can do.

2.      Look at each of those points and identify the story behind these feelings. For example,

I was teased about my looks many years ago.

My parents were poor and were jealous of those who had money.

I was encouraged to make decisions to benefit others rather than myself.

3.      Make a list of where and from whom, you heard these stories. Acknowledge the beliefs had a hold on you and release them into the universe by burning the paper. Burning transforms the energy.

4.      Now, decide how you want to rewrite your beliefs and make a list of what beliefs you WANT to be true about yourself. Acknowledge and embrace those beliefs. Put this list in a safe place and periodically review what you have written.

5.      Finally, practice your new beliefs about yourself.

Get out of the habit of believing the negative and embrace who you want to become. Call in the energy to support your new beliefs. Every time you catch yourself reacting in the old paradigm again, release the old and firmly replace it with the new paradigm.

You are worth it. Let me know how this works for you.

More Wisdom Works for Women can be seen on facebook at Karen D Crane or she can be reached at KCsoul53 [at] yahoo.com

Life Cycles – Release and rebirth

Language is so important. Subtle, or maybe not so subtle, language variations, such as the name of a card, can evoke very different responses during a reading. The Life Cycles card is most appropriate for spring time. This is the card that represents releasing the old that has keep a hold on you long past its usefulness. Grieve over that loss, and then accept that there will be renewal to fill the space left by the the release.

Whenever I read for someone I remind them that the Death card does not mean a physical death, yet, every time it comes up in a reading this card momentarily shuts down the person for whom I’m reading.

Even though the person KNOWS it’s not about a physical death, all sorts of images and fears go through their mind. Even after explaining the nature of the card, there is an echo of the word, “Death” that does not evoke empowerment and often interfers with the message.

The Life Cycle card, which replaces Death, in Tarot of Empowerment, evokes a very different reaction. The querent generally engages with the interpretation of the card. When this card comes up in my readings, I most often find the querent accepts that there is old baggage to release and grieve over in order to be able to move forward with dreams and aspirations that have been put on hold for too long. Generally, when Life Cycle comes up in a reading I suggest the person perform the ritual below and then pull another card for what to call in to replace what has been released.

My goal in reading Tarot is to eliminate the fear so that a person is empowered to discover new possibilities to reach their highest potential.

Life Cycle Ritual

Sometimes we get into a habit

We all have habits, some good, some not so good. Holding onto an old belief, relationship, feeling, or childhood message can serve to keep one from moving forward in a healthy way.

Sometimes people find themselves with a partner or a job that seemed like a perfect match, only to find that they’ve outgrown it. They may actually be in love with the potential they originally saw in the relationship rather than what it has actually become.

My heart hurts for people who come to me for a reading when the querent is more focused on getting back what was, rather than on accepting what is.

Take a symbol of what you need to release. It might be a photo, a remembrance, a business card or a word or phrase written on a paper – whatever symbolizes what you want to release. Bless it, then burn or bury it as a symbol or release.

Grumpiness is Not Empowerment

I’ve been a bit snarky to my wonderful husband lately. Could be I’m over extended, or maybe it’s about adjusting to more together time now that he has just completed his first year as a retired person. In any case, I need to remind myself that, whatever is going on with me, I do not have permission to be less than kind to those around me, especially my supportive, caring mate.

To truly be empowered, we need to be able to express our emotions in a way that is honest and honors the other person. Be truthful about what you want to say, and then say it in a way that invites discussion. Look at the motivations behind the language and tone of voice you are using, and then imagine you are the recipient of the conversation.

When you imagine you are the one listening, how does it feel? If it feels good and clean, then it’s probably empowered communication.

What Is Empowerment?

Empowerment is the ability to make choices and take actions based on those choices while understanding the consequences of those actions.

Have clarity of purpose

Make decisions

Take responsibility for your actions

What empowerment is NOT

Power over others



How to become empowered

Make goals

Investigate options

Expand your awareness

5 Things to Do to Re-energize Your Life

Making conscious, intentional decisions about those things you can change in your life will lead you to a more dynamic present life.

1. Pay attention to how and with whom you are spending your time and energy. You don’t have to answer every text or call from people who drain you. Decide if you are responding to “should” rather than what you want to do. You may not be able to eliminate everything that’s not fun, but by paying attention you will become aware of how many pleasant and exciting things you are doing in your life. Pay attention!

2. Set your intention around what you want in your life and then allow the change that will make the intention a reality. That’s right; you need to change if you want things to be different. Do you want more fun, better health, or healthier relationships? If so, you need to set your intention and figure out how to make that intention become a reality.

3. Live creatively. Creativity opens new horizons, provides new insights and stimulates your senses. Creativity is doing things in a new way, be it cooking, art, music, business, problem solving, relationships or whatever. Children are creative because they figure out how to do things without knowing the rules. Let the child in you take over and forget the rules. Try breaking at least 1 rule a day for a week and see how free you become.

4. Expect and accept the unexpected. When you change the rules, pay attention, and make changes to create your intention, you can expect that things will be different in your world. New opportunities will become available. New people will appear in your life. New gifts will be given and received.

5. Say YES more often and be courageous enough to say NO. Huh? Learn to say yes to things that are fun and new. Learn to say yes to risk (a little risk to one person can be a big risk to another). Learn to say yes to gifts from other people. Have the courage to say no to obligations that don’t feed your soul or when your boundaries are intruded upon. When your idea of a good time is staying home and reading a book you don’t have to go out to prove you are a good sport.


My style of healing is to use my tools (Tarot, Reiki, ritual, counseling) to help empower you to embrace your own power. My goal is to reveal your options for your highest good and then to explain how you can explore those options.

Recently I’ve been called upon to address questions about staying in a relationship, how a gay can come out to her family, whether to terminate a pregnancy, how to deal with a hostile boss, the best course to bring out a new tarot deck.

There are times you may not want to hear the answer because the solution requires more courage than you think you have at this time. Making a major life change can be daunting. I have no judgment about your decision.

Once you have the information about what needs to be done, the question becomes how to take that action. If you aren’t ready to take action we look at the best way for you to be in the situation as it is.

Calling on angels and guides helps me to have the clarity for the true answer to come through clearly and with purpose. I ask that “my own opinion does not enter this reading in any way without so stating.” I say this so that I may absolutely distinguish between what the guides have to say rather than what I think is the correct answer. And there are definitely times that my guides and I differ in opinion!

When that happens I interpret what the cards say and then I explain the different conclusion my human opinion had about the situation. I think it’s helpful for the people I’m reading for to get that distinction between me the human, and the message from the high spirit guides. I defer to the information from the guides after ensuring I’ve interpreted the cards as they wish. I’ll also pull clarifying cards to better understand the consequences of following the actions recommended by the guides.

It is my belief that we all have angels, guides or whatever name you want to give that energy that surrounds you, that wants you to reach your highest potential. You do not have to read cards to find the connection to your guides, but it will benefit you to find your own way to learn to distinguish between the human mind and higher self. Once you learn to listen you will then start the lessons about how to accomplish the action the higher self suggests.

Like anyone, just because you have answers doesn’t mean you will take action, and that has to be okay for the moment. Life is continually unfolding. When action is required to change a situation you need to have the information, the how to, and the daring to take action. Taking correct action is what it means to be empowered.

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