What is Numerology?

It can be a big relief to understand your patterns and to have direction towards changing them. Numerology is an informative and fun way to learn about your lessons in life. Life Path readings are a great gift for a new born (person or business), wedding, name change, or important anniversaries.

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Life Cycles – Release and rebirth

Language is so important. Subtle, or maybe not so subtle, language variations, such as the name of a card, can evoke very different responses during a reading. The Life Cycles card is most appropriate for spring time. This is the card that represents releasing the old that has keep a hold on you long past its usefulness. Grieve over that loss, and then accept that there will be renewal to fill the space left by the the release.

Whenever I read for someone I remind them that the Death card does not mean a physical death, yet, every time it comes up in a reading this card momentarily shuts down the person for whom I’m reading.

Even though the person KNOWS it’s not about a physical death, all sorts of images and fears go through their mind. Even after explaining the nature of the card, there is an echo of the word, “Death” that does not evoke empowerment and often interfers with the message.

The Life Cycle card, which replaces Death, in Tarot of Empowerment, evokes a very different reaction. The querent generally engages with the interpretation of the card. When this card comes up in my readings, I most often find the querent accepts that there is old baggage to release and grieve over in order to be able to move forward with dreams and aspirations that have been put on hold for too long. Generally, when Life Cycle comes up in a reading I suggest the person perform the ritual below and then pull another card for what to call in to replace what has been released.

My goal in reading Tarot is to eliminate the fear so that a person is empowered to discover new possibilities to reach their highest potential.

Life Cycle Ritual

Sometimes we get into a habit

We all have habits, some good, some not so good. Holding onto an old belief, relationship, feeling, or childhood message can serve to keep one from moving forward in a healthy way.

Sometimes people find themselves with a partner or a job that seemed like a perfect match, only to find that they’ve outgrown it. They may actually be in love with the potential they originally saw in the relationship rather than what it has actually become.

My heart hurts for people who come to me for a reading when the querent is more focused on getting back what was, rather than on accepting what is.

Take a symbol of what you need to release. It might be a photo, a remembrance, a business card or a word or phrase written on a paper – whatever symbolizes what you want to release. Bless it, then burn or bury it as a symbol or release.

New names for Traditional images

You’ll find several cards in the Major Arcana deck of Tarot of Empowerment have new names. A major reason I acquiesced to make a deck was because Gordana’s art so clearly reflected the essence of the cards as I saw them.

After Gordana created each card, I would use it to clarify readings. [Read more…]

Determination (The Chariot)

The Chariot Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

The Chariot represents controlled, rapid and focused change. The decision has been made, now is the time to use drive and determination that will cause the change necessary to achieve the goal. [Read more…]

The Wheel of Fortune

The WHeel of Fortune Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us of inevitable changes in life, most often positive change. The circle is a constant reminder that we will certainly move from one stage to the next. [Read more…]

The Sun

The Sun Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

The Sun symbolizes warmth, vitality, joy and all that is good and nourishing. The Sun brings us the light of each day before surrendering to the dark of night. The Sun is central to our place in the universe and, in a like manner, symbolizes our “self” in relation to the whole of our own universe. [Read more…]

Awakening (traditional Judgement)

The Awakening Card - Tarot of Empowerment Deck

Awakening (traditional Judgement) represents choosing to move beyond the past and ascend to higher life purpose. Awakening represents a shift in consciousness that releases old paradigms of consciousness and dogma that restrict or compromise the authentic self. [Read more…]

Forgiveness Bath Ritual

First of all, let’s explore what forgiveness is and is not.
Forgiveness is about you, not the person you are forgiving. The purpose of forgiveness is for you to get closure from hurt or anger you feel towatds another, yourself, or a circumstance over which you have no control. You may have to forgive repeatedly before the closure is permanent.

  • Forgiving does not require you to engage anyone, nor is it giving permission for more transgressions.
  • Forgiving another does not require action from them.
  • Forgiving is ultimately an act of healing for yourself, not healing the relationship.
  • Forgiveness is about you, not the person or situation that you are forgiving.

What you’ll need: a candle, a tool that simulates cutting attachments (like a butter knife or dull, flat rock), oil or bubbles, Bach Rescue remedy (optional and valuable if you are in grief or high anxiety), and soap and shampoo for a shower.

Call on your angels and guides to be with you during this exercise with the intention of opening your heart and mind to their healing powers.

Fill the tub with warm water, and use only the light of the candle for your bath.

Lay in the bath for a moment and feel the anticipation of engaging in a ritual of release and peace.

Start at your feet or head and gently move the tool over your entire body, repeating the mantra, “I forgive and release,” or “I forgive and surrender to my highest potential.”

Continue releasing over your entire body, going between your fingers and toes, while repeating your mantra. As you do this you are likely to get flashes of scenes in which you have been wronged, or other scenes in which you have wronged others. You will most likely see things long forgotten.


Let the pictures pass like a slide show, without stopping to review or analyze. As each scene comes up, forgive and release.

At this point in the exercise disconnect from everyone, even attachments of those you love. Imagine the tool gently cutting and removing all attachments to others, living or dead, loved or disliked. You will soon allow reattachments. Continue to use the tool and repeat the mantra until you feel the exercise is complete and that you are not holding anything back.

STAY in the bath and empty the tub. (You don’t want to track the psychic gunk from the bath into your house). Let all that gunk go down the drain. Now, shower, shampoo and scrub yourself clean from head to toe.

While still in the shower tell your angels and guides to allow the energy ONLY from those who love and support you to reattach. Feel the love and support shower over you.

Now, you can leave the tub and shower. You will probably want a rest or nap so snuggle into someplace comfortable and cozy. Thank your angels and guides and allow yourself to feel, and possibly dream, their love.

When you are done resting, you can journal about your experience./

The Tower


The Tower card often causes feelings of fear and anxiety because it depicts upheaval and change. The change brought on by the Tower is often unexpected, quick and profound. Tower energy frequently appears dramatic and out of control.  The Tower energy is cataclysmic, not catastrophic, change.

Upheaval, destruction, transformation
The structure of my life is revolutionized
Show me the pieces of truth and wisdom
To rebuild new foundations in my life

In Tarot of Empowerment the Tower card illustrates the destruction of a bridge amidst the background of fireworks. The destruction is about the false hopes and broken promises represented by the bridge. The fireworks in the background represent the celebration of sudden enlightenment about how to reestablish a new foundation built on truth and wisdom.

This card often comes up in a reading when you’ve chosen to stay in your comfort zone rather than to make choices to enhance your growth. You often know that a change is necessary, but are reluctant to take the next step. When the Tower comes up, the choice to make a change is no longer yours. You have put yourself in the position to receive a cosmic kick-in-the-ass.

You will find yourself in a position to question your security and your beliefs. The Tower card usually represents an event in the physical world, but it can cause a spiritual crisis because the change is so unexpected. Recognize that you can create new opportunities from the destruction. Take action before action takes you.


major arcana front with tag name longer 8-13The Magician calls upon the One and employs each of the elements to manifest what he desires on this earthly plane. Each element symbolizes an aspect of human nature; air for communication, fire for spirit and passion, water for emotions and relationships, and earth for money and health.

Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Bring me your power

Manifest my magic to do good

I call on Spirit to ignite my soul

 The Magician uses his force of will to bridge the spirit and physical world. He uses each element appropriately.

The Magician is the first card in the major arcana. He initiates the beginning of the journey through the deck. He uses his skills and tools for excellent communication, mature relationships, creative endeavors, and focused abundance.

In Tarot of Empowerment, the Magician is attentive to his wishes and desires. He knows that the way he uses each element will be significant in what he is busy manifesting. He is creative, skilled, diplomatic and confident. He is respectful and gentle.

When the Magician comes up in your reading you are being guided to believe that you can manifest your desires as long as you pay attention and work with the elements. You are being called upon to engage your angels and guides to craft new opportunities into your life.

Know what it is you want, for you are empowered to call it to you.